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  1. FOR SALE: 32" Men's Spartan Breeches
  2. Foil fencing kit for sale !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. For Sale: GB Squad- Hardly Used
  4. two new scoring machines for sale
  5. Second Hand Club Kit
  6. Épée Fencing Kit & Equipment For Sale - Excellent Condition
  7. Fencing kit wanted!
  8. Two Scoring boxes for sale
  9. Leon Paul Contour Epee Mask-Like New
  10. Mask for sale
  11. Sabre Glove for Sale on Ebay
  12. fencing kit free to good home
  13. Maraging Foil Blades and Leon Paul Wheelie Bag
  14. Second Hand LP Sabre Mask for Sale
  15. SPF foil mask for sale only £20!!
  16. Leon Paul Epee Mask on Sale only £25
  17. Leon Paul 800N Jacket Mens chest size 40 great price.
  18. Complete Leon Paul 10 piece blue club kit very good condition plus coaching jacket and extras.
  19. Brand new Adipower shoes - UK size 8.5
  20. WANTED: Really big wheelie bag!
  21. Épée Fencing Kit & Equipment For Sale - Excellent Condition !!
  22. Looking for Foil equipment
  23. Complete Electric Foil set for sale. Perfect for beginner entering the world of electric.
  24. Ebay bargain? If you're local to Hereford
  25. Épée Fencing Kit & Equipment For Sale - Excellent Condition !!
  26. jacket wanted
  27. Used Left Handed Electric Sabre
  28. Used Fencing Jacket and Breeches For Sale
  29. Left handed jacket required
  30. Left handed female foil kit wanted please
  31. Wanted - Size 0 & Size 2 Epee & Sabre Blades
  32. Warning for anyone trading through this forum (ragingrabbit)
  33. Leon Paul Medium Economy FIE Plastron
  34. Wheelie Bag wanted
  35. 2 pin bodywires for sale
  36. Leon Paul large fencing bag
  37. LP Womens Team FIE breeches - For sale
  38. Two Leon Paul Carbon Fibre Eppe handles and spanners for sale
  39. Second hand left and right handed men’s fencing kits
  40. Old style masks
  41. Canvas jackets old style
  42. Medium Size Mask PLEASE!!
  43. WANTED small LH Epee handle.
  44. sabre kit for sale
  45. sabre for sale
  46. 800N Jacket
  47. 800N Uhlmann Breeches
  48. Leon Paul Team Range FIE men's jacket - right handed - size 42 Long - FOR SALE
  49. Job lot for sale
  50. Selling mask/glove/breeches
  51. Selling Complete Womens Right Handed Team FIE Sabre Kit – Second hand
  52. Weapons & Kit FOR SALE
  53. Mens FIE 800N Uhlmanns fencing complete EPEE set RIGHT HAND
  54. Leon Paul 350N tracksuit trousers
  55. Jacket and Breeches wanted
  56. Right handed foil kit for sale
  57. Set of Plyometric Training Boxes for Sale
  58. Leon Paul Pozdnyakov black blade fencing sabre
  59. Ladies FIE Epee Fencing Kit for Sale - Excellent Condition !
  60. Men's/Youths LP breeches, LP jacket needed and size 7 shoes
  61. Durham Epee Results
  62. Nearly new womens fencing trainers - adidas en-garde
  63. Nearly new leon paul womens starter kit for sale - right handed
  64. Selling Golubitsky Fie foil
  65. FIE Breaches & Jacket (34" & 38") for sale
  66. Size 2 Epees for sale
  67. Right handed L.Paul foil, with a scabbard
  68. Leon Paul Right handed Foil / Epee kit
  69. Second hand equipmnt for sale
  70. Leon Paul second hand épées and clothing
  71. Foils and Lame
  72. Leon Paul chest protector
  73. Stolen Boxes & Sabre Kit
  74. Wanted: left handed Leon Paul German Pistol grip, circa 1990
  75. Need Help on Pricing these two, could you help?
  76. Storage Hunters!!!
  77. Adidas D'Artagnan IV - fencing shoes - £50
  78. Nice kit for sale!
  79. Wanted old Duellist sabre guards
  80. BF blue FIE foil blade - for sale
  81. Nike Balestra UK size 9 - for sale
  82. A big bag of various items.
  83. Uhlmann Sabre Lamé
  84. Adidas Equipment 2000 Hi-Tops
  85. Leon Paul Full Epee Fencing Kit Mens Left Handed - Excellent Condition
  86. FIE 800N Allstar Women’s Ecostar Ultra Comfort Breeches (4001D)
  87. For Sale: Duellist FIE 2000 Mens LH Breeches. Lightweight & Stretchy.
  88. Nike Air Zoom Volt fencing shoes size UK 6
  89. S2 LP blades for sale - one is FIE - all UNUSED for sale
  90. Size 2 epee blades on Ebay finishing TODAY
  91. Wanted
  92. 2nd Hand Equipment
  93. Epee and Sabre kit for sale
  94. equipment wanted for beginner
  95. Kit for Sale on ebay - Great condition
  96. Fencing equipment for sale, complete electrical epee set
  97. Foil kit for sale
  98. Leon Paul FIE Foil kit for sale - excellent condition
  99. Breeches,epees, sabres & sabre xchange mask
  100. kids (?) jacket, plastron,epee blades & complete foil
  101. Epee and Sabre Kit for Sale
  102. Wanted chest size 44 RH jacket
  103. Leon Paul Black Latitude Fencing Bag
  105. Child's fencing kit for sale - small/extra small
  106. Second hand outgrown kit for sale.
  107. Lightweight Leon Paul sabre lame
  108. WANTED: Decent, size 3 electric foil.
  109. Second Intention - Kitting you out for less!
  110. Complete set of girls/ women's sabre kit for sale!
  111. Foils and Sabres for sale on ebay
  112. Unused lady's jacket, mask, glove, foil - ideal for club / beginner
  113. Wanted - fencing kit for child (13 yr old girl)
  114. For sale: Woman's foil lame
  115. For Sale: Leon Paul's Men's Epee Economy Kit, half price (ideal for beginners)
  116. For Sale: NEW Allstar 1600N Epee mask
  117. Steam sabres x6 for sale. london
  118. Fencing Firesale
  119. Leon Paul Icarus Rollbag
  120. Adidas Adistar Fencing Shoes black/silver, size 13
  121. Plastic Kit
  122. Ladies RH Leon Paul FIE Foil kit - excellent condition
  123. Brand new / almost new fencing kit for sale
  124. Ebay kit for sale including FIE Sabre Mask
  125. Adult male starter gear for sale
  126. WANTED Breeches and Jacket
  127. Kit Clear-out going on ebay
  128. Wanted - 800N LH fencing jacket and breeches
  129. Nike Balestras size 9 & Allstar sabre coaching cuff on ebay
  130. WANTED blue red or green backzip club jackets
  131. Foil Mask/Head Wires
  132. Selling Some French Grip Handles
  133. Uhlmann FIE 800 Mens RH Size 46 Jacket & Breeches For Sale
  134. For sale New Allstar Uhlmann classic womens breeches
  135. womens Leon Paul right handed foil kit for sale
  136. Kit on eBay
  137. Various Adidas Fencing Shoes
  138. Reference Book: Fencing With The Sabre by Roger Crosnier
  139. Reference Book: Confederate Swords
  140. More reference books
  141. Clearout - left handed epee x 2 + Leon Paul Plastron & Jacket + Favero mini-01
  142. left handed electric foils and accessories
  143. Wanted - left handed electric Epee sword size 5
  144. Adidas Adipower (RED)
  145. Wanted - Left Handed Epee Sword Size 2
  146. 2nd hand Left handed Kit for sale
  147. Leon Paul X-Change Epee Bib for sale - £30
  148. Time for a sale!
  149. Adidas Adipower Size 13 Red
  150. almost new ( used twice) fencing kit for sale( left handed) age 13
  151. Selection of kit for sale- individual or as a set.
  152. Equipment for sale, Left Handed - Lancaster, Lancashire
  153. kit needed
  154. Fencing-bag friendly Saab 9-3 for sale!
  155. Nike Ballestra White/Grey Size 13UK
  156. Buying Adidas Adipower Shoes (Red or Black) UK Size 5.5!
  157. Second Intention website
  158. Leon Paul, Mens Team FIE Jacket (Right Handed) (size 38 long)
  159. Nike Air Zoom (Ballestra) Fencing Shoes: UK 10
  160. X-Change Sabre Mask XL
  161. Left-handed lightweight sabre lame
  162. Lots of Leon Paul kit for sale on ebay
  163. Looking to buy Vniti epee guards
  164. Leon Paul X-Change FIE Sabre Mask, Contour-Fit Plus Strap, New Padding (Size Large)
  165. cheap starter kit
  166. UNUSED LP Echange bib for epee - latest FIE model with the loops on Ebay
  167. Any unwanted Plastic Swords
  168. LP Foil Lame
  169. Equipment for sale, Left Handed - Lancaster, Lancashire
  170. Full right handed electric epee fencing kit Inc. Spare epee. Salford, Greater Manchester.
  171. Huge Kit Clearout
  172. For Sale Clothing Right Handed
  173. Re-wired epees and epee blades
  174. Wanted : Go-Fence Kit
  175. Kit and Books for sale
  176. Selling My Foil FIE Mask With Lame Bib. (FIE 2009)
  177. Leon Paul kit outstanding condition
  178. 2014 White Allstar Epee Mask
  179. Mask, plastron and bag for sale.
  180. Second Intention - Black Friday Weekend Sale
  181. Nearly new fencing equipment for sale
  182. Used equipment for sale :) Im selling all my fencing stuff
  183. Looking for a LPaul Mens 38 RH Pheonix or above jacket
  184. Allstar pistol grips and plastron.
  185. Lots of various kit items for sale
  186. PBT Superlight FIE jacket for sale
  187. My Son's Used Gear He out grew
  188. Second Intention - Easter Sale
  189. Wanted - Allstar 800N Left Hand Junior Girls Breeches size 170
  190. Wanted - second hand weapons for University fencing club
  191. For sale: Duellist FIE jacket
  192. WTB flexible LP epee and a all-star/negrini/Leon Paul jacket
  193. eBay Bank Holiday Sale
  194. Almost New Clothes and Equipment for Sale
  195. 40+ Fencing items to bid on ending this Sunday via eBay
  196. Fencing items for sale!
  197. Fencing jacket, plastron and foil parts for sale.
  198. Full set of scoring apparatus for sale with up to date timing chip
  199. Bits & Pieces
  200. Huge LOT of like new equipment for sale!
  201. Full foil fencer gear with bags and body wires (Dublin)
  202. Anyone lost gear? Curious eBay sale
  203. Lost hoodie
  204. Beginner youth fencing gear for sale
  205. Facebook group for selling second hand fencing equipment/clothes?
  206. Brand new incorrectly named Leon Paul Jackets on eBay
  207. LP Jacket and breeches
  208. Harut pommel
  210. Fencing Books at Knockdown Prices
  211. Factory seconds BREECHES for sale on e bay, No reserve
  212. Adult and children's kit available ideal for club, school, or travelling coach
  213. Fencing helmet and glove
  214. Allstar Conductive T-Shirt Wireless Sabre (L, XL)
  215. left my mask at Bedford open, derp!
  216. Kit sale