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-24th October 2003, 15:52
I'm curious. There's a lot of chat, particularly in the foil and sabre boards, about what the rules are on this and that. How many people actually have access to a copy of the rules? Do most people rely on club folklore and forum chat, or does anyone acually look it up?

I've heard fencers and presidents alike refer to terms that can't be found anywhere in the FIE rules. Even in epee there seems to be a huge amount of argument about things like whether or not one or other or both hits can be annulled after a particular action (falling, stepping off the piste, passing etc.).

Given we are all presiding each other up until at least the last 8 in most comps, I'm curious to know how many people acually have access to a copy of the rules.

-24th October 2003, 16:23
Assuming that the current BFA rules for competion are or at least include the current FIE Rules.

The blue cover looks quite pretty on my book case, although rather small when compared with the large lever arch files and law books.

Many people own rule books. Far fewer actually choose to read them other than when cramming for a refereeing exam.

Boo Boo
-24th October 2003, 16:31
I have a copy somewhere at home, but not sure where at the moment (preparing to move house, so hopefully it is packed in a box somewhere...)

If I want to access the rules, I tend to look at the USFencing website which has an (outdated) US version of the translated FIE rules online: http://www.usfencing.org/Forms/ It tends to work for most queries...


-24th October 2003, 17:07
I have my own copy and I am quite familiar with the rules. Mr Brett you and I shall be having a little chat the next time I see you.

-24th October 2003, 22:43
The question is flawed. If you want a better guide ask which edition of the rules everyone has (mine is a few years old).


-25th October 2003, 00:20
I have a slightly out of date copy. i think I'm the only person in the club to know them (apart from the ex FIE ref).

An Americanised version of the BFA translation is available at teh USfa website.

-25th October 2003, 09:05
Robert makes a decent point. Mine is the latest edition which I believe hasn't been updated with the latest rules amendments - which I have in A4 form.

-25th October 2003, 09:49
It would help if you could download the rules from the BFA website.

I just went looking thinking it would be a good idea to peruse them, but the rules & regulations' page is a bit of a mishmash. As a beginner, I can't work out which links I ought to follow.

Are there any official statements available anywhere concerning the basic rules (target areas, right of way, legal equipment, etc)?

Boo Boo
-25th October 2003, 10:45

Look at the link I posted on the USFencing website - these are pretty near identical to the British rules (both of which are basically a translation of the FIE rules).

Its the best you will get without actually purchasing the rule book (from Leon Paul, for example).

It would be really helpful if the BFA/Forum did have a link to an electronic copy of the rules and addenda and any other refereeing information *hint hint* :)


-25th October 2003, 12:29
In my brand-new club-secretary secretarial-type folder, I have odds and ends of the rules.

I have Grades 1-5 from the BFA site.

Pictures of the en guards of 4, 6, 7, and 8. (for people doing the grades to revise from).

A very funkily-coloured target area diagram, with hinters like 'Do not hit the off-target areas' :) (for the newbies).

A copy, with colour-coded chart, of t.120 7. Offences and penalties.

A copy, with diagram, of t.11-t.14, the field of play and piste dimensions.

A fencing lexicon with definitions from various sources (trying to find the easiest to understand of each).

t.84-t.87 The Competitors Discipline (coving things like the Pledge of Honour, and etiquette)

A list, with contacts, of all the BFA affiliated clubs in Kent.

3.2.1-3.2.3 of the Child Protection document on the BFA website, covering good practice, practice to be avoided, and practice never to be sanctioned.

And a nifty little order form where people can put down their name, form, and the code (I've coded them) of the document they want a copy of, and I will get a copy to the ASAP.

I'd love a full copy of the rules though. It'd be great to have around.

-25th October 2003, 13:49
Can I post a piece of advice.

There are many places that you can get your rules sets from. But the best one that I found was BF itself. You can orfder copies directly from BF and it is slightly cheaper than elsewhere. Additionally there is a referee committee page that you can visit to get updates to the rules.

3 Card Trick
-25th October 2003, 14:00
There may be a number of changes to the Rules after the next FIE Congress to be held in Leipzig. My recollection is that it has been agreed that the next edition of the Rules in the UK will be put on the web.

Beware the USFA version it has some interesting flaws.

The current version of the Rules is the 2000 printed edition plus the 2002 updates which can be downloaded from the BFA website.

Please note that the Penalty Sheet in the 2000 edition is out of date and the BFA haven't yet published an approved replacement.

Hope this helps.