View Full Version : Madrid World Cup - Men's Foil

-19th November 2007, 07:36
Results from the weekend:

1. Gerek Meinhardt (USA)
2. Miles Chamley-Watson (USA)
3. Martino Minuto (ITA)
3. Tommaso Lari (ITA)
5. Ahmed Rosowsky (GBR)
6. Niccolò Meringolo (ITA)
7. Michele Pirrazzo (ITA)
8. Gabriele Ghio (ITA

L32 Ben Peggs and Husayn Rosowsky
L64 Marcus Mepstead

Boo Boo
-19th November 2007, 11:07
Great result for Ahmed :)

Well done to Ben, Husayn and Marcus too :)


-19th November 2007, 14:39
Brilliant! So that means we have 3 fully qualified foilists for the WC (Ahmed, Husayn and Rhys) I assume this won't be downgraded?

-19th November 2007, 14:41
Wouldn't it have to be downgraded twice for him not to go on this result alone?

-19th November 2007, 14:46
Ahmed is definitely in- I'm talking about Husayn (who got a L32 at Eden)

-19th November 2007, 15:21
Madrid, unfortunately, is not nominated for Junior Men's Foil this season so it has no bearing on qualification for the worlds.

-19th November 2007, 15:26
Sorry- shows how much I know! Bad luck to Ahmed (and Hussayn) but the season he is having means it's surely only a matter of time. Great result still- in a strong field. Out of interest, when is the next nominated WC?

-19th November 2007, 15:30
Aix en Provence - next Sunday.

-20th November 2007, 20:42
Dear All,

Congratulations to Ahmed. An excellent result. Well done.

Good luck to all the foilists in Aix.


-20th November 2007, 23:19
Well done that boy Ahmed !! Proud of you :D