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-25th October 2003, 10:46
Help needed. I'm going to be back home (Ilkley) for 12 weeks or so from christmas. My old club won't do me much good these days for training so where's the best for sabre? Ridings? Cheers.

-28th October 2003, 21:23
J - have you come accross dave jerry ??

-29th October 2003, 07:30
Nope, the only guy I've met who I think is a yorkie sabeur is Adam Waller and that was very brief at one of the opens. Who is he?

-29th October 2003, 21:12
Adam Waller is a nice guy, Dave Jerry used to be Y'shire youth bloke. If i can find his email, I'll pm you;)

terrible twins
-9th November 2003, 09:03

This section of this thread has been removed at the request and complaint of Mr Waller - and fencers who know him. The above was merely opinion however it has been made in such a way as to be prejuidicial. I have asked that those who know Mr Waller post a rebuff and it is my hope that they do so.

In fact this comment has been playing in the back of my mind since it was pointed out to me. Please keep comments out of the personal and in the general. I have intervened in the past to clean up threads that have been plagued by hearsay and I find it an unpleasant task.

I apologise to Mr Waller for any slight that he has received.


-9th November 2003, 09:04
I'm not really looking for a coach, I'm looking for opponents that are going to challenge me. I don't really want to swap coaches about when I'm only away from Laszlo's for such a short time.

Edit - That wasnt meant to be arrogant, just reread it!

terrible twins
-9th November 2003, 09:09
ok .

dont really know of many yorkshire sabreists as i have only been doing this a short while.

-9th November 2003, 09:10
All advice is appreciated. Adam kicked my ass last time I met him, but that was a while back.... :grin:

-10th November 2003, 13:05
Adam Waller is am okay fencer so i would fence him and i want to get my own back because he hates me and woped me 15-7.