View Full Version : 2012 Olympic Fencing Venue to be Scrapped?

-3rd December 2007, 12:39
Saw this in the guardian this morning and could only say 'AAAAAARGH!' :mad:


Could we get the 90 milion being saved to be put into grassroots fencing? (I just know there's a gardening joke there somewhere)

Having said that, I'd propose the Echo Arena (in lovely, scenic Liverpool) as a good replacement for the Olympic Fencing venue. :D

And it is entirely possible, since other cities are usually used during the olympics (Atlanta is just one example)

-17th December 2007, 11:33
From my dealings so far with some of the 'organising' bods, nobody will see the savings if they do decide to remove the 'temporary' fencing hall.

Although the last time I went on an 'update tour' the spokesman was very vague on all the temporary structures so it may not just be us that ends up missing out.

They won't go for a venue that far away regardless how good/nice it is, there seems to be a 'travel time' limit on all the venues (except sailing). That's one of the reasons a temporary range is being constructed at Woolwich Barracks for the shooting events and the beach volleyball is being held on Horseguards parade ground....

Hungry Hippo
-17th December 2007, 13:22
I saw confirmation of this last week. I work for LU, and the Olympic Delivery Authority are chopping 50m from our budget for getting people to Olympic Park.

As part of the overrall 500m savings was one item of 100m for not building the temporary fencing hall.

-26th December 2007, 03:01
so what legacy do we get from this olympics? Have i missed something?

-26th December 2007, 14:26
so what legacy do we get from this olympics? Have i missed something?
As this was planned as a temporary venue anyway, having it elsewhere is not really any loss of a legacy anyway.

Foilling Around
-26th December 2007, 14:42
Dead simple really.

In true Olympic style we will skimp on the important things and make sure that the architects and celebrities are paid a fortune. Once the 2012 Games are over, and the government is safely re-elected, sport can go hang itself as it will have served its purpose.

After all, that is what the Olympics is these days, a vast money generating political machine feeding like a ravenous beast off the dedication and hard work of thousands of underpaid athletes.

P.S. My New Year's resolution is to be less cynical

-27th December 2007, 12:59
Dear All,

It all depnds on how you look at legacy. WE will not have a pupose built buidling but neither did the Spanish after 1992, the US after Atlanta 1996, the Australians after 2000 nor the Greeks after 2004. The Chinese will have a splendid fencing centre indeed they already have it but there governmnet works to different targets and has different methods.

There is in principle going to be a large multi sport venue for smaller sports to use after 2012.

I have to say I am shocked by the prices quited foir temporary buildings. Shooting have the same problem and there building will be demolished after 2012.

I am working with London 2012 and also the BOA to get us a more tangible legacy. The BOA are being helpful and are trying to leverage us extra funding before 2012 and they have to sign off on the venue change.

Also it depends on how you look at legacy. I hope we will by 2012 have better coaches, more successful teams and individuals and this will help secure our funding after 2012. Namely we can prepare our fencers more professionaly that at present.

I also hope we will be funbded by UK Sport to host our A Grades and I hope a Grand Prix event as this will enable us to gain valubale experience, material such as pistes etc. I also hope we will host the Senior European Championships in Sheffield in 2011 and this again will provide us with legacy.

Another legacy has to be the greater interest in sport currently and we all need to capitalise upon that and improve the position of fencing in schools and the community.

Best wishes,


-27th December 2007, 21:39
Well i think that answered my question.

Ronald Velden
-28th December 2007, 22:56
Personally I consider a 'temporary' venue for the Olympics whatever its
cost a complete waste of money.

The Olympic Venues are not designed for World Cups or World Championships
where entries are much larger than those for the Olympics.

There are a number of sites mainly outside London, which can be used for
International events.

The real issue is of course cost. Without sponsorship or external funding
Britain will always struggle to organize such tournaments.

What is far more important is that the sport is recipient of funding pre and post 2012 to develop its international programmes from cadet levels upwards
so that we become more 'competitive'

-30th December 2007, 10:30
The whole "cost of building" thing gets more crazy everytime a new one is proposed - for anything sporting, not just 2012.

It brings us back to the Wembley fiasco - which is probably going to be beaten hands down by 2012,pro rata, I would suggest - when football, and a lot of other sports, suddenly discovered what a brilliant stadium Wales had, used it, and then seemed to brush aside the fact that it cost a fraction of the (forecast, and wrong by miles!) cost of Wembley, and is probably more versatile.

And let's not go into the Dome - which people mainly didn't. (not sporting, but the same mind-set applies)