View Full Version : Bochum U20 WF A Grade

Foilling Around
-14th December 2007, 18:41
4 girls, Catriona Sibert, Philippa Mullins, Liz Ng and Carolyn Benson set off for Bochum today with Linda and Pierre. Good luck to them.

Results coming up here.

Though will be at the Cadet Winton and relying on texts.

-15th December 2007, 19:08
Not the best day for our girls today in what, I'm sure, was a very tough field. It does, however, appear that Elizabeth was unlucky to lose her 128 on the final hit.

66th- Mullins
86th- Benson
87th- Sibert

89 in the field.

Foilling Around
-16th December 2007, 21:44
And Catriona dropped her phone in the loo - talk about a bad day!!

Everyone has bad days, its just that a bad day at an A grade cost a lot of money.

I always remember the parent of a sprinter telling me off when I complained about the cost of fencing. "We once flew our son and both parents to Marseilles for an athletics event, and he ran for 13 seconds and was knocked out" she said.

I always think of that when I reach for the cheque book!!