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-27th October 2003, 10:55
Morning kids..

Just a quick one question for you in the big smoke...

Met someone very keen to take up fencing on saturday night. I said I'd try and find out about clubs around there for her (not knowing the London clubs too well, or indeed knowing London that well either).

She lives in Hammersmith, so what would be the best club for an absolute beginner living where she does?



-27th October 2003, 11:00
i htink whe will be lucky to find somewhere that runs on a saturday night!

for a list of clubs try britishfencing.com

-27th October 2003, 11:21
LTFC runs begginers courses on mondays and wednesday (check the website www.londonthamesfencingclub.com) its in hammersmith but don;t know of anywhere that trains on a sat night.

Boo Boo
-27th October 2003, 11:29
Maybe Peanut_UK meant that he "met someone, on saturday night, who is keen to take up fencing", not "met someone who wants to take up fencing at a club that meets on Saturday nights"..... ;)

(thinks she may be able to get a job translating Swindon English to London English... :) ).

-27th October 2003, 12:05
this could be true. and yes you could get a job!!!

-27th October 2003, 12:24

Cheers Boo. Must be the west country influence on me...

I met her on saturday, and she's keen to start fencing. Not sure what night's best for her, as we didn't chat that long! But who in their right mind would want to fence on a saturday night..?! Okay, don't answer that....! ;)

I'll suggest LTFC to her then, as it seem like it might be local.

Thanks aao!

-27th October 2003, 15:09
Polytechnic Fencing Club runs 3 novice course each year located in REgent Street, Central London. The next starts after christmas. www.polyfencingclub.co.uk

Boo Boo
-27th October 2003, 15:14
Originally posted by Peanut_UK

Cheers Boo. Must be the west country influence on me...

No problem: my Mum's from London, I am a Hampshire girl, but have lived in the West Coutry for the past 10 years: so I am quite familiar with the different languages spoken in the South of England (although my Cornish is a bit dodgy... :grin: ).

-27th October 2003, 23:52
Try Club des Artistes in Fulham (just about walking distance from Hammersmith) - the coach also coaches at Streatham (OK, I go drinking with him). I pop in there once in a blue moon