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-27th October 2003, 11:38
Hello all. I'm new to not only this forum, but also to fencing. I went to my first class on Saturday and loved it.

I was wondering whether someone could give me some beginner's guidance.

I've been practising martial arts for almost 10 years now and I'm serious about becoming as good, or even better at fencing.

So any advice gratefully received!

Many thanks in advance

-27th October 2003, 16:32
Welcome to the board. There's plenty of advice already out there take a look at the board.

-27th October 2003, 16:35
As has been discussed a fair bit on this forum, the most important thing you'll learn is footwork. Stepping and lunging correctly are critical, and it's the first thing you learn. Practice it at home. Practice it at the club (most clubs have a footwork warmup session). Don't worry about speed - that'll develop as a result of good, neat, balanced stance at movement.

And that's about all the coaching knowledge I have..!! ;)

Oh, and enjoy the sport!


-28th October 2003, 08:53
Heya Pilipala

Enjoy yourself!

I started about a year ago (and haven't fenced in a few months - eek).

I hope you find it as amazing as I have. there are so many people with top tips. This forum is loaded with them - it just takes a little time to find them all. As a beginner, the only thing I can recommend is to keep a diary.

Okay, that sounds a little duff. But there will eb moments where it isn't so hot - that parry is off, and your foot moves before your arm. Just when you're about to chuck it in or just not go for a while... the diary will help you see what you've achieved and when.

Anyways, hope it's grand for you.
Take it easy


-13th November 2003, 11:56
you need to be very mad and to like yer booze!(well in my club you do!):beer:

-13th November 2003, 14:42
Being a martial artist as well, The main piece of advice I can give you is to make sure your stance isn't too long. If you have a long stance, it affects the amount of distance you can gain in your lunge.