View Full Version : West Mids Vets..... is anyone out there?

wrinkly sabreur
-4th January 2008, 13:38
Hi, If you are of vets age and a fencer - no need to be yet a member of the NVA - your region needs you.

The Veterans Team Challenge in Autumn is a fun competition set to get a bit more competitive and is trying to develop into a "Vets Winton" (Well, there's a seniors Winton and a Junior Winton, so why not?)

This season's event was contested by a South West team and other teams were a rag-tag-and-bobtail miscellany of various other origins.

There those among us who would like to see a West Mids team in there next year. Can't let Sweeney Todd win again, there'd be no living with the man.

So, if you have strong connections with the West Mids - born there, lived there, passed through on the West Coast Line (which would probably qualify you for residential status, apparently), grandmother had a brief encounter there, etc. - get in touch with Fred Sheppard or me through this forum.

If you are an NVA member already beware. WE know who you are (most of you). Be prepared for a severe arm twisting or volunteer NOW. http://www.fencingforum.com/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif



-11th January 2008, 16:32
Once again the South West got there act together and produced a winning team. I had great fun fencing foil !!! Looking forward to the next event. I like the idea of a Veterans Winton.

wrinkly sabreur
-25th February 2008, 17:31
We now know where you are

So be afraid.... be very afraid.

Your region needs you (and it's going to get you!):D

-28th February 2008, 16:53
how many you need I can find the Mercenaries you need

Linda L
-29th February 2008, 06:19
how many you need I can find the Mercenaries you need

I actually run the team challenge , Hopefully to become a Vets Winton.

This yesr we are running MIXED teams of 3 at each weapon.

As the comp grows we hope to make it a full 6 weapon comp.

The only proviso is that the fencer cannot fence the weapon IF they have been selected for GB vets in the last year.
Our nationals are Next weekend so anyone selected for the Spain team in Foil say cannot fence foil.

The fencers have to be members of the NVA, so please get your over 40 fencers to join.

We may have a big surprise about a donated cup this year , so can we make it a good comp?


PM me if you need more info.

wrinkly sabreur
-15th March 2008, 10:35
Hi All, especially the West Mids contingent,

As I said I am cooperating with Fred to organize a team for the event, although I didn't get the chance to talk to him about it over the champs weekend.

One aspect that does concern me is whether anyone is going to get the hump if we act as a self-appointed selection committee. I do realize that the enthusiasm to take part might not yet be that great that the danger is a realistic one. However, several people who have now expressed an interest in being in the team (including one not-quite-a-vet!:D ) and although we could end up twisting arms to make up the numbers, I do foresee the potential for falling out if everyone is clamouring to join in and some jumped up little squirt (e.g. me) sets himself up as judge and jury and chooses A rather than B.

Therefore do we need some sort of elected selection committee - a sort of Regional committee?

Answers on a beer token.



wrinkly sabreur
-21st March 2008, 14:22

Seems that WM fencers

a) ay bovvered who picks a team

b) ay interested in bein' in it

c) don't read the forum
d) were put off by the idea of putting their answers on a beer token.

OK, so forget the beer token, I'll stay thirsty.

How about showing us you are alive out there? Someone must have an opinion (????)



-21st March 2008, 14:46
The forum is read by a tiny minority of fencers, and I would suspect an even tinier minority of fencers of veteran age. Why not post something on the region's website?


wrinkly sabreur
-24th March 2008, 11:19
HI Wilbur,

I was beginning to suspect that what you said is true. I thought from what I had heard that everyone except me was with the new technology and chatting away merrily.

I have taken your advice and have arranged for something to be posted on the WM web site. How many wrinklies look at that even, is another matter but Helen C is going to email clubs as well drawing attention to the posting. So we should get some feed back.

We still have time to go hunting those who don't respond!



-25th March 2008, 09:03
Yep, probably a combination of (c) and (d).
Personally, I'm not (quite) allowed to play with the old folks yet. Even if I were not temporarily broken.

-25th March 2008, 09:14
From what I remember, anyone stupid enough to stick their head over the parapet and pick teams will:

(a) be criticised for certain selection choices
(b) receive the thanks of the majority who are glad it's not them
(c) actually get things moving

For (b) and (c) alone, I'd say if you have the time and inclination, go for it! (a) doesn't matter because they should have stood up and got involved themselves.

wrinkly sabreur
-25th March 2008, 11:03

and even if they voted you in to do the job, you'll still get stick!

When we have enough bodies to actually reject some, Fred & I will appoint ourselves selectors until enough people object and vote someone else in.

By the way whilst your getting your back fixed, get the gear lever on your ass fixed as well.:D