View Full Version : Mike Matthews

-28th October 2003, 14:42
Anyone who's reading this have anything to do with Mike Matthews? Does he do private tuition in the day time? And does anyone have a contact number/email? PM me if you want. I'm goin to be spending a couple of days a month up in the smoke and want to try to get some training in.

-1st November 2003, 10:10
He coaches at LTFC - I think on Mon, Wed and Thur evenings.

-1st November 2003, 13:33
That much I already know! I'm just wondering if it's possible to get 1-2-1 tuition from him outside the LTFC club nights, as I don't intend to pay 500+ quid a year to have a lesson there 1 night a month!

Oh well, I'll try to contact LTFC directly.

-1st November 2003, 16:06
i think he is the coach out at Brentwood during the day so may not really be in london to help!!