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-19th January 2008, 13:33
Taylor won 2 of 5 in first round
Willis won 4 of 6 in first round
Bennett won 2 of 6 in first round

Unfortunately Tom and Jonny met in the first round of DE. Tom won 15-14 then went on to win against Seamus Robinson from Austrailia 15-10. So Tom is into the L64 being fenced today :)

James Taylor beat Lucenay from France (who has medalled in world cups) 15-12 and then lost to Shabalin from Kazakstan again 15-12.

Just Tom Bennett into the L64. Well done Tom :)

-19th January 2008, 14:22
Jon's kit was left at Heathrow and still hasn't reached him. He was docked a point by the ref and still only lost 15:14 using borrowed swords. Not bad eh!
Hope the kit arrives today as the team event is tomorrow.
Tom and James both made the L64 as 1st round was incomplete 128: Tom in L32 and fighting Sabalin next.

-19th January 2008, 14:42
Just clearing up the above post

Jonny out in preliminary 128

Taylor out in preliminary 64

Bennett through into the second day and the L64 proper.

Again well done Tom, and Good Luck

At this stage the 32 from the preliminary tableaux are joined by the 16 byes from the world ranking list and the 16 byes from the first round of poules.

Given his seeding Tom is likely to face one of the world top 16 in the last 64

Good luck Tom

-19th January 2008, 16:02
Oh, is that how it works. No wonder I'm confused. :o :confused:

-19th January 2008, 17:20
Bennett placed 64th after losing 15-12 to Gabor Boczko of Hungary

-19th January 2008, 18:08
That is a bloody good score from Bennet and is definetely not to be sniffed at. Boczko was world no1 a few years ago, and is defintely still one of the best out there. He fences with me at Honved and always woops everyones ass! Kulcsar v Boczko is always a good fight to watch at the club!

-20th January 2008, 09:41
he is current world number one. won the world cup last year too.

very good result from tom!