View Full Version : Thanks for helping the W Epeeists in Budapest!

-20th January 2008, 23:15
Massive thanks to everyone who either ran around trying to find kit for us or who offered to lend us kit if needed, or who gave us advice, phone numbers and general offers of help, I think the list goes as follows but in case I have missed anyone off I'm really sorry: Helen Dack, Jess Beer, Maggie Maynard, Jo Maynard, Caroline Sealby, Jason Retter, Sabrina Lui, Maya Lawrence, Lacey Burt, Sherraine Schalm, Mike and Mavis Thornton, Keith Smith, Jo Beadsworth and Kate Smith.

In the end Mary and Jayne's bags turned up mysteriously overnight in time for the team event so many of the kinds offers were not needed. My bag however is still somewhere at Heathrow and will hopefully turn up in time for Prague next weekend...

We managed to get through without any cards or disasters, so all in all it could have been a lot worse!

If anyone has any battle stories of claiming stuff back from BA and getting money for stuff they had to buy can you pls PM me, i'll be doing a big claim for us all on Monday... In particular if my bag hasn't show up at some point during next week I'm going to need to buy some new stuff for next weekend and any ideas whether this can be hung on BA or not would be good.



-20th January 2008, 23:38
Sounds like an interesting time!!!
Anyway well done to you and all who helped.

Jan O'C
-21st January 2008, 09:30
Sabre U/17 had a similar experience December 2006 - try speaking to Neil Brown about how the claims went. Grace wasn't on the trip so I don't know but I think other mums told me they got the kit replaced urgently because the kids needed it for Budapest Jnr A Grade in early January.

-21st January 2008, 10:44
It was a pleasure to help Libby, and a great experience to see a Grand Prix when i'd never seen anything more than the Senior Commonewealths.

I'll keep an eye out for sponsorship/funding ideas for you guys. Caroline and I both have something up our sleeves! You deserve funding, it's ridiculous you girls going out and having to pay for everything. I have so much respect for you all.

As for the kit issues, my kit went missing when I went back to fence the Navy in Guernsey in Novemeber. Try and find out from your airline what the baggage handler for BA is (might be Menzies, in which case I have their number to save you phoning up loads of (probably) incompetent people). They might know more about the whereabouts of your bag than the airline. As for claiming etc, unfortunately I don't have a clue, I managed to borrow kit for my comp and couldnt be bothered claiming for all the time spent on the phone and petrol to shout at airport staff in Guernsey etc. You might have to go to the airport and get a claim form.

Hope this helps, and good luck in Prague.