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-29th October 2003, 08:45
hello all

i've got a foil that tests ok manually but when used in anger shows a white light when beating blades!

any suggestions?


3 Card Trick
-29th October 2003, 09:24
Check the barrel isn't slightly loose and that the spring is legal.

Check that the socket connection isn't slightly loose as well.

-29th October 2003, 09:26
Maybe this could help try the cleaning point and weight test bit.


-29th October 2003, 19:48
Apart from the obvious - its a foil and all foils work that way.

Try in rough order of ease of solution
Loose handle, don't trap the wire if you tighten it.
loose connection to the inside guard socket
Check tip fits barrel correctly rocking tip from side to side can cause this problem
loose barrel Take the tape off to check
Check grub screws are in good condition and tight Don't over tighten its easy to shear screw heads off particularly the smaller sizes.
Take tip out and clean both tip and inside barrel
Check spring is straight and up to strength

Those cover about 90% of cases

for the rest its a case of flexing the blade to see if you've a broken wire. I had one that only ever came up if you did a beat at the mid point of the blade - took an age to find the break.

-29th October 2003, 22:12
Someon did suggest checking the contact between the blade and the guard in these circumstances.

(I don't know how valid that advice is).

-31st October 2003, 01:44
Also have you checked the insulating tape on your foil? Could be that you're shorting.

-31st October 2003, 09:02
Would that show a white light? I thought that would just short out any light (valid or non) that landed with the blade also contacting the lame? But I know diddly....

-31st October 2003, 11:17
Um is the little brass thing in the tip loose. I had a foil with that problem and it had an intermittent fault that we could never reproduce with a test box

-31st October 2003, 17:46
IIRC when weight testing, if the weight makes contact with the metal of the blade you can get weird lights, so I'm fairly sure its important. But I could be spouting tripe :grin:

-1st November 2003, 08:55
Give up and do epee instead. Then you can spend your life cursing travel springs instead, or wondering how your point can fall out between the end of one fight and the start of the next.

-1st November 2003, 20:54
No do sabre then you dont have to worry about any stupid pointy bits, you just have to worry about loss of fingers, hands, arms, erm head. BUT unlike in epee your legs shouldn't be to bad i say shouldn't i dont kno it to be the case tho.

-1st November 2003, 23:23
However if you're fighting short people your privates are at risk :eek:

-2nd November 2003, 11:04
If you fence at your club just about every thing is at risk problem with short people is what ever they do you can always hit there head

-3rd November 2003, 00:35
Yeah, but if you're trying to teach someone sabre, especially when they are a girl you quite like you tend to be fairly forgiving. hehehe :grin:

-27th November 2003, 14:51
Originally posted by uk_45
If you fence at your club just about every thing is at risk problem with short people is what ever they do you can always hit there head

This is true, but it won't help you much if your a foilist!!


-27th November 2003, 15:07
Yeah in fact no some small Foilist i would think it would be a real advantage.

-27th November 2003, 15:29
More power to those under six feet!!:grin:

-27th November 2003, 15:32
By the way, from N.Y.C. to to all of you, across the pond,......