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Foilling Around
-27th January 2008, 19:22
I am confused as to why there is such a difference in the number of Junior A Grades between weapons. Counting them up this season the numbers are as follows

8 WF
12 MF
13 WE
14 ME
9 WS
10 MS

It leads to a much bigger variation in strength of events in some weapons than others. The timings and spacing of the events will also have an effect.

Why does the FIE not have a consistent number across weapon.

Last Year there were 11 WF events. Maybe there is a space for GBR to bid for a WF A Grade. For example why could the Newcastle Coupe du Nord or the Edinburgh event incorporate a Junior WF.

-27th January 2008, 19:53
Dear Paul,

The FIE are planning to rationalise ther Junior calendar but after studying it and after the FIE elections.

To run a A grade cheaply costs about 8,000 but can cost quite a lot more.


Ronald Velden
-28th January 2008, 06:18
The situation is down not only about cost, but lack of regulation.

Some countries invest in 5 or 6 Junior World Cup Events eg Spain who are
seldom participating elsewhere. Britain by contrast invests in just one ie
Eden Cup.

There are other issues, which should be considered namely the size of
fencing population in different weapons. It is far easier to produce a large
number of epee tournaments than foil or sabre.

What should be of particular concern is that pre 1996 when foil was the
only genuine international weapon for women there has been dilution into
three weapons. Apart from United States,France and Germany there appears
to be a very small competitive population in most other countries.

This is particularly apparent in Britain as I have discovered whilst organizing
the Camden International. There are just 30 entries from Britain!