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-29th January 2008, 11:50
So... who's going to Paris in March?

Gangsta G
-29th January 2008, 16:08
Birmingham and Southampton shall be there.

-31st January 2008, 19:38
UCL will be there again, sending about 5 teams

-31st January 2008, 19:56
does anyone know which weekend it's on?

Gangsta G
-31st January 2008, 23:05
It's during the week, 6 & 7 March

-7th February 2008, 21:18
How are other universities traveling to this comp? I am the only one from my uni who is attending and I am finding it quite difficult to get there.

-8th February 2008, 00:54
Eurostar from St Pancras and then Paris Metro from Gare du Nord to l'Ecole Polytechnique.

Coming from Glasgow, the best non-flying route is train to Edinburgh then the mainline into Kings Cross, and then (as above) hop on the Eurostar.

Long trip!

If you want people to travel up from London with, I'm sure I can let you know our train times.

-8th February 2008, 08:52
which trains are you getting tim? we're (UCL) all leaving midafternoon on the wednesday.

-8th February 2008, 11:28
We're just deciding at the moment...
...I think the current thought is a relatively early 12:30PM outbound, as this only costs 24.50!

Gangsta G
-8th February 2008, 11:57
We (Birmingham) are flying from Luton, we were going to travel on the Eurostar but apparently there was some sort of problem - not sure exactly what as I wasn't in charge of the buying...

-8th February 2008, 14:08
Apparantly I'm joining in with the combined Southampton/Birmingham sabre malarky :D

-6th March 2008, 02:38
Good luck to everyone in paris.

-8th March 2008, 20:59
Congrats to all those who fenced in Paris on Thursday and Friday!!! Everyone seemed to have a great time...especially the Birmingham Sabre boys, well done against the Russian team!!!

Thanks again to the organisors of this comp. Shame the party on the 1st night didn't quite happen but apart from that this comp was great! I would recommend it to any students out there who are looking for a fun competition and a step up on to the international circuit.

Also a quick thanks to those who helped to persuade the organisors to award Robynne (Gold) and I (Bronze) with our medals before the ceremony...yes we are hardcore, fenced at Edinburgh today, Robynne 2nd, me 12th so it was worth the journey!

Hope everyone esle enjoyed the comp as much as I did and I hope to see you all (plus hopefully a few more Brits) again next year!!!

-9th March 2008, 20:27
Yup, good times all round!

We managed to organise our own little soiree in Saclay hotel on the first night :P Shame you were in the other one! Congrats to Robynne and yourself on the medals!

You didn't miss much at the awards ceremony though.

Now.... who's doing Meinz this year?? ;)

-11th March 2008, 10:02
As if UCL would miss a year @ Mainz...

But there's the Touche A Bale in Basel before that!

27th-28th Sept 2008, Basel, Sweden. I can forward anyone details.

-11th March 2008, 11:29
Basel, Sweden?

-11th March 2008, 14:17
no hes being a muppet..

Basel, Switzerland. It's a nice friendly comp, but not very big, less than 20 entries per weapon, but its good fun...

-11th March 2008, 17:20
As if UCL would miss a year @ Mainz...

But there's the Touche A Bale in Basel before that!

27th-28th Sept 2008, Basel, Sweden. I can forward anyone details.

Mayaswell forward them on to us... we'll put it on the calendar and see if anyone wants to go nearer the time.

-11th March 2008, 20:36
When will the photos on facebook from Paris stop!

-12th March 2008, 02:06
I wish they would, it's getting more embarrasing by the minute!