View Full Version : New blade?

-29th October 2003, 19:27
Right ive heard a bit anout a new saber blade LP are making. Any one know anything bout it? Any and all info would be great!

-31st October 2003, 01:33
As far as I understand its still a couple of months off. I just bought the much lauded LM blade that PBT are stocking and TBH am not overly impressed by it. I find the BF blade to have a nicer balance when the arm is extended. However, its better than my 2 bit Paul France blade (Quite literally in two bits) :grin:

-31st October 2003, 08:59
to be honest with you a stick with a drying pin on the end is better then than a france.

-31st October 2003, 17:43
I really have no idea how LP created such a monster, the Etoile however is a fairly nice blade if springy is your thing.

-1st November 2003, 14:18
Originally posted by Moose
Etoile however is a fairly nice blade if springy is your thing.
Hmm to be honest i have recently got my self a Etoile and i dont think it's all that springy. A mate had one that was as springy as a foil blade untill a few weeks back when i kinda broke it:)

-1st November 2003, 23:27
Heh, I need to put a set on my LM blade before it'll fit in my LP guard, the thread is a different size to the LP ones too, slightly bigger. But I MADE my LP plastic pommel fit :grin:

-16th November 2003, 15:01
I have asked Pbt about the LM blue and await a reply. I ask you fellows what is the name of the Ukrainian firm which ultimately manufactures them?


-18th November 2003, 01:52
The blades are made at a forge called LM (cant remember what the initials stand for) if ordering a full sabre then PBT parts are used. But ultimately its an LM blade