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Dave Hillier
-30th October 2003, 12:28
After fencing in the Southern section foil competition at the weekend I was wondering what the point in them was.

It was clear that most of the better foilists in the region weren't there so it won't be used to help select a team for the Winton.

There are county competitions to take beginers along to for there first competition.

And for the rest of us why bother when you can do opens and get points?

Team competitions I can see the pont in with club rivalrys and the like.

But section individuals, why bother?

ps personally I only went because it was being held less than 10 miles from where I live. I didn't bother with the epee the next day as it was over an hours drive away.

-30th October 2003, 12:46
As you say, the top people in the region rarely all turn out. On that basis its a chance for less experienced people to get a good competitive result.

(se section sabre champion 2003, for probably the only ever time) Someone's nicked the trophy though, I only got a little tiny plaque thing :(

Boo Boo
-30th October 2003, 13:13
As hokers says...

There are lots of different levels of fencers with different goals for their fencing.

Sectional/Regional events tend to be most popular with people early in their competitive career and recreational/club level fencers who like the occasional competition for fun. Sometimes people with high national rankings turn up, but generally they have such a busy competition calendar anyway that they would prefer a weekend off... Unfortunately, there are only so many weekends in the year :(

This can be good for other fencers at the competition, though: leaves the competition a bit more open...


-30th October 2003, 13:46
I think that if you are outside the top (say) 70 you should go to these regional comps - they are great experience, keep you sharp, and are good fun.

By being there you help less experienced fencers develop, and also have the chance to do well yourself, and get a good days fencing, as opposed to one poiule, one DE and hometime from a major open. County/regional comps are fairly competitive.

-30th October 2003, 15:34
I think the Southern Section doesn't publicise itself very well. I could of fenced in it, but I didn't even find out about it until yesterday.

Whereas the South East Section makes more of an effort to tell its fencers about the regional competitions. I can fence in both sections, and travelled 125 miles to fence in the south east section earlier on in the year. Whereas the Southern Section was much closer to home, and I knew nothing about it.

I think there is a point in the regional sections, but they can't afford to hide themselves away or they will cease to be.


Dave Hillier
-30th October 2003, 15:53
I was surprised at how few people where there. The top 4 from the last year didn't show nor did many other people who I was anticipating being there, including srb and the rest from Swindon etc.

I missed last years southern competitions because I didn't find out they were happening till the week after they had happened.

For next time the southern fixtures can be found here


there are generally emails that go around as well if you can get on the list.

oh, and the hampshire list can be found here if any one is eligible.


-30th October 2003, 16:41
Well i turned up on the sunday and there were only two of us in the U18 girly epee, so we had to fence the U18 and U16 boys...it was a bit of a waste of my time :( ...i didnt finish fencing till about 5ish. :mad: :
yai a great way to spend my sunday!

-30th October 2003, 23:31
While the county events tend to be well supported,the regional ones don't - the SE events tend to be held somewhere inaccessable or too early in January to organise anything (despite a lot of effort, I've never been able to get anybody fom my club to go them). (London expanded the intermediate foil to cover all weapons - producing a well organisd in a nice, accessible venue ).

There is a market for such events - but the regional events seem to be the weakest link in the chain - no brwonie points but the same tiem and effort involved as for attending an Open. If there were uniform coverage of regional events, then they could be worth say 2 NF's and get more people onto the rankng and then onto fencing Opens.

If publisised and geared towards 'club' fencers, so that there is an aim to their weekly practise, they're shouldn't be a problem getting the attendance. I suspect the problem is that the regions are run on the same lines as the Conservatves.

I'll add that the junior events I've been involved with are much better attended and organised., possibly as they are qualifiers for national events.

Re twohappyhippo's comments - the sam would be true for London and SE events - u18 girls epee only seems to attract an entry of one (who's a GBR)

-31st October 2003, 09:17
Last season in the SW the MF and MS were attended by most of the best fencers, but none of the women's events were and the men's epee can't have been cos I came 3rd...

I think it's a shame that they aren't attended better - it's a good chance to meet up with people from other clubs in the region who you may not see much, and is 'serious but fun' if the good fencers how. We encourage all our members to enter them, but as it takes nearly 3 hours even to get to our regional champs it can be a bit daunting for them sometimes!

Boo Boo
-31st October 2003, 09:26
I seem to remember that the SW foil championships were on a weekend following two consecutive weekends of women's foil A-grades (Athens and Salzburg) and a week or two before the 5 Nations (Edinburgh), followed by the Winton and Birmingham (3 weekends in a row). That could have been why some of the women didn't turn up.... :o


-31st October 2003, 09:44
Just shows your lack of commitment Boo :grin:

Boo Boo
-31st October 2003, 09:53
I know, "bad Boo".... :(


-1st November 2003, 10:24
The Wiltshire Region events are on 22/23rd November this year.

Individual Foil, Epee, Sabre - 22nd November
Team - 23rd November, at Nationwide House in Swindon.

It's being run by Swindon F.C., so I will be supporting it in both foil AND EPEE!!! (ha ha ha ha ha ha)

(dusting of that old clockwork proddy stick)
[now sabre that would just be insane]
{where can I find 12 pints of lager and a sabre at this short notice}

-24th November 2003, 10:31
Originally posted by Dave Hillier
After fencing in the Southern section foil competition at the weekend I was wondering what the point in them was.


Well I dusted off my old epee at the weekend. Fenced a bit, then I wire wooled my epee as the guard was rusty and registering hits. Fenced a bit more, then I emery clothed it as the guard was still registering, and then fenced even more.

Then I took off my borrowed epee bodywire, plugged in a foil and did some proper fencing.

On a roll, I then unplugged my foil, borrowed some choppy stick kit, and made strange flungee movements on a piste for a short while. At which point the roll definitely fell off.

srb (supporting his regional event & thinking flunge = gay flesche)

Dave Hillier
-24th November 2003, 10:59
So who won then? Was it in the canteen again?

I did the Wiltshire last year it was a fun little comp, came third in the epee.

-24th November 2003, 11:15
See 'Thanks Swindon' thread, Peanut UK has already posted.

Let's just say srb takes Man at Arms (or whatever it was?)


-24th November 2003, 11:23
Hi Dave

Yeah - was in the canteen again this year. Hopefully, our world conquest will be well underway for next year, and we'll be able to hold it in a decent venue!!

See the Thred "Thanks Swindon" in the Chit-Chat section for what I think are the correct results... ;)