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-7th February 2008, 11:05

Could someone please explain to me how the senior A Grade & Grand Prix selection works - how many people do we get to send before we have to provide a referee etc.

Don't want to mess up boy's chances by applying for things he's not ready for, but he'd like to get some experience before it starts to matter too much, if you see what I mean. He fancies being thrown in at the deep end and having a look at a Grand Prix, so I wondered what the rules are particular to those.


-7th February 2008, 12:22

You have to be in the top 20 (or have the discretion of the selectors)
A referee needs to be sent with entries between 5 and 9, two for 10-12.
Top three are automatically entitled to be selected, discretion of selectors is applied after that.
Grands Prix are essentially the same but with a maximum of 8 entries per nation (o.79) and no referees need to be taken - seven referees are provided by the FIE Exec Committee, paid for by the host federation with at least an additional five organised by the host federation.

-7th February 2008, 15:55
Ahmed and Ed went to Paris so I assume Rhys (as no.7 on the rankings) will get his chance soon.

-8th February 2008, 11:21
Thanks. Have found and read the relevant section in BF website now. Interesting wording.