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-23rd February 2008, 20:40
Well done Oxford, the Varsity Match Winners!

old blue
-23rd February 2008, 22:35
Great News! Winners now 2 years running. Hope everyone is having a great time celebrating!

-24th February 2008, 08:20
Well done Oxford, the Varsity Match Winners!

Well done the Blues.

So who did well, did anyone have a bad day or where Oxford just better this year, what where the scores.

Another fencer
-24th February 2008, 08:52
Cambridge Alex O'C, Anthony Crutchett, Danny Ryan
Oxford Jamie Kenber, Paul Taylor, Dominic Kerr

Cambridge Zach Eaton Rosen, Dan Summerbell, Danny Ryan, Alex O'C
Oxford Jamie Kenber, Chris Kent, Andy Caldwell

Cambridge Chris Greensides, Jan Oliver Frohlich, Tom Most, Anthony Crutchett
Oxford Matt Dodwell, Matt Baker, Andy Caldwell

Sabre 45-18 to Cambridge with a very solid performance from the light blues
Foil 45-27 to Oxford, a better result for Cambridge than might have been expected. Dan Summerbell doing well for the light blues. Jamie Kenber shining in both foil and sabre. Going into epee, the dark blues need to win by 9. Score fluctuates after the first couple of fights with Oxford leading by between 2 and 5 hits. Greensides doing well against Baker in his second fight. Second to last fight, Oxford ahead by 2, Matt Baker vs Tom Most. Baker on fire, gets to a 9 hit lead. Everything down to the last fight, Dodwell vs Greensides (a very regular match over the years) - Dodwell scores first hit, Oxford's lead moving between 9 and 11 hits over the course of the bout. With 20 seconds on the clock, Oxford now 11 hits ahead, Greensides fleches to try to wrestle back a hit - Dodwell hits, and as the clock runs down Dodwell gets to 45, final score 45-32 (or 31?)

Women's Blues victory to Dark Blues after a solid performance in the epee (eg not losing by too much) Sabre 45-39 to Oxford, epee 33-45 to Cambridge, foil victory to Oxford, overall win to Oxford. (Didnt see it so cant give a better commentary than that...)

Worth mentioning men's seconds match that had more spectators and cheering at the end than seen in many years. Epee 44-34 to Oxford (a good performance by Cambridge's final man clawing back a net 8 hits, with the bout going 12-4), Sabre 35-45 to Cambridge (a very good performance by Spenser Bullent from Cambridge clawing back a large deficit and then winning last bout 5-0, although Oxford's Rupert Paines gave him a fright in the second bout - the Oxford epeeist winning the bout 5-3.) Evens going into the foil. Last bout Oxford behind by 2, 40-38. Mat Shearman (Ox) vs Ewan Galloway (Cam). Shearman on fire, 45-39(?) to Oxford.

Women's seconds victory to Cambridge 89-63(?) (no sabre in women's seconds)

A great day of fencing, high tension and drama. Ably refereed by Julian Nelis, Dave Baker, Mike Thornton.

-24th February 2008, 09:11
Men's Firsts (108-103 Oxford): Going into the penultimate bout of the match, Oxford indeed ahead by 2 in Epee as Another Fencer said, but trailing Cambridge overall 90-97. Scores dead equal (98 each) going into the final bout of the match after massive effort from Baker. Dodwell holds and extends Oxford lead making to make it 45-31. Never seen so much shouting and tension in the bouts. Atmosphere was electric.

Women's firsts: Oxford were trailing going into the Foil (final weapon), but strong pressure (especially in first three bouts) from Oxford foil throughout meant the momentum never really went Cambridge's way.

-24th February 2008, 17:46
Dear All,

Sorry not to have been at the Varsity Match this year but was refereeing at the Junior Home International.

Sounds like it was exciting.

Congratulations to Oxford.


-28th February 2008, 16:04
I hear at times it was a little bit more than exciting !!

-28th February 2008, 18:59
I hear at times it was a little bit more than exciting !!

Can anyone expand on this, screaming? shouting? losing of voices? generally wetting of pants?

"Matt Shearman on fire" was he smoking :whistle:

Did the Oxford lot have fun celebrating, was there a few han overs?