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-1st November 2003, 21:32
Dear All,

Peter Kirby was in the final 4 of the BBC series Born To Win tonight on BBC1. Peter really tried his hardest and although he did not win, his achievemnt in reaching the final from a starting field of 5000 is immense and a great credit to him, his fanily and fencing in particular. I was at the finals and many people were commenting that they had not realised you had to be fit to fence!!

WEll done To Peter and to David(his Dad) who has really worked with him to help him get so far.

The Kirby family and Peter in particular have just cause to be proud.


-3rd November 2003, 18:24
Couldn't agree more, Keith - well done, that man, and good luck in Croatia. I think the programme openned a lot of eyes about how athletic you need to be to be more than just "good". An all rounder, and not v far behind the other 3 at that.

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-3rd November 2003, 21:34
Erm, sorry Peter, that sounded very patronising, and b...dy unfair, too. I was mighty impressed, throughout.

-3rd November 2003, 23:33
I caught the end of the show - it was a pity most of the tests seemed to rely on 'brute force and ignorance'.

Hats off to anyone who can do that many chin ups.

terrible twins
-9th November 2003, 08:55
Seems to have been pretty set up to me. They knew who they wanted to win in both mens and womens and chose events which would suit them. Hense the reason they stated "they were very surprised" when peter did well in the endurance event!