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-1st November 2003, 21:38
We have a really strong team here at Nottingham but we're really struggling to find a coach. The Uni has started up a special coaches fund, but we have to find a 3-weapon coach capable of coaching to an elite level, to be able to use it. Does anyone know of anyone who either already lives in the East Mids, or is looking to move here, who would be interested?


-2nd November 2003, 08:32
Good luck!

Plug: I am hoping to organise a coaching course here at the end of summer next year (back end of August). It won't solve a need for elite coaching, but the idea is that we can get some basic coaching qualifications into lots of uni clubs and free up experienced coaches for more advanced people. I will be posting here when I get everything sorted and stop suffering from feeling overrun with freshers. Priority on course will be Bath Uni/Every other Uni/Anyone else. (I want to get coaching good here first :grin:).

Oh, and if you do somehow manage to persuade our coach to move up there, we'll have to kill you.:moon:

-2nd November 2003, 09:07
I believe that the BFA development officer is based in Nottigham! Why not try there - Skippfence@compuserve.com

Also Jonathan Katz is E Midlands.

-3rd November 2003, 13:05
am hoping to organise a coaching course here at the end of summer next year (back end of August).

:eyerise: Did I hear a mention of a coaching course? :eyerise:

I'll be 17 by then, will there be an age restriction? Cost? Et cetera??? (yes, will there be et cetera?!?!) Looking forward to you 'giving us more information nearer the time' post!!!!

-6th November 2003, 11:38
I could be interested in that. i've only fenced for about 10 month's so far bu by then I ought to be a little bit better and would be interested in doing a basic course, if I have the money that is.

-2nd December 2003, 22:50
Durham University Fencing Club will be hosting a Club Leaders (basic foil coaching) course at the end of January. It was intentionally being run to help support a successful coaching in schools scheme operating in the area, which I am involved in, however I am willing to open up the course to non-DUFC members if I can get half a dozen names.

Alan Skip will be running the course over the last weekend of January. If you are interested, please e-mail me at:


as apposed to posting here and I will send you details when I get them. I may be able to make crash space availible.


Kian Ryan
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Student Rep BFCD,
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