View Full Version : BUSA league structure

-2nd November 2003, 09:04
Promotion for the Northern premier division comes only from the Northern division. Does this mean that teams from the Midland, Western and South Eastern divisions all fight for promotion to the Southern premiership? This does seem a little odd.

I'm sure there were North West and North East divisions last year.

-2nd November 2003, 09:14
You're Northern aren't you? Why worry about the Southerners?! ;)

You guys are coming up to us next week I think.

-2nd November 2003, 17:42
Not being a student anymore, I shall not be there but I may see you when you come for the return leg, provided I don't have a job by then. I suppose I hope I don't see you then. ;)

-2nd November 2003, 17:46
It perhaps says something that your name thingy still says U of Manchester on it. I take it you finished this summer? Incidentally I may not make the away match as I'm on placement away from uni at the time. Not very on topic but never mind.

-8th November 2003, 13:20
Found the answer for this. The midlands league go to Northern Premier I think. Nottingham womens is in North Premier and the Mens is in Midlands 1st.