View Full Version : Uni of Wales Champs 2008

aber ollie
-3rd March 2008, 13:19
Any chance of Full results being put up here by Swansea?

Congrats to Aberystwyth for winning the overall comp, although Bangor and Cardiff were extremely close.

Top Mens results:


1. Andrew Mcleod (Cardiff)
2. Jon Harris (Cardiff)
3. ???


1. Sam Aldridge (Bangor)
2. Steve Morris (Aberystwyth)
3. Andy Pritchard (Swansea)


1. Chris Reid (Bangor)
2. Chris Saville (Bangor)
3. Tim Willot (Cardiff)

-5th March 2008, 16:54
it was Chris Reid who won foil 3rd

-17th March 2008, 23:35
WOO! GO ABER!! Hard luck to Bangor they did really well and the joint Aber-Bangor cheering dominated the comp!

But who could forget the "THIS IS CARDIFF" most hilarious part of the comp when he was on his knees screaming that and throwing off his mask! (and all that just for a quater-final! :P

See everyone in Aberystwyth next year for the Universities of Wales comp!