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free spirit
-8th March 2008, 22:03
Thanks to the organizers of the NVA Championship still ongoing.
As regards the Sabre competition held yesterday, it was nice to see some fencers from previous years and very encouraging to see some new fencers participating.

Congratulations to all the participants and particularly to Jane Hutchison and Chris Prevett for their First Place yesterday on the NVA Sabre Competition .

-9th March 2008, 16:07
Dear All,

I was there for the foil day and well done to Dawn Townsend and Graham Paul on winning the fopil titles.

It was an excellent venue with plenty of space, roll out pistes and catering.

Good to see plenty of referees volunteering to referee this competition.

The dinner was fun on the Saturday evening.

Well done the NVA on a very successful championships.

Hope the epee went well today.


-13th March 2008, 16:21
I had heard that some footage of the event was on YouTube, but so far have had no luck finding any. Does anybody know if a) there is actually any and b) where it might be?



-19th March 2008, 13:58
I can only echo the thoughts, feelings and bruises of the many who enjoyed a wonderful tournament. As a new boy, I found the VETS a welcoming, friendly and all happy to share a joke and a drink (did I say drink??). Thanks all for a soooperb weekend.

-19th March 2008, 14:04
I meaqnt to add my gratitude to the Armourer and to the genius from Leon Paul who got me legal and wired; what genuinely good people; thanks