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-25th April 2003, 14:59
This Wednesday the 30th Fencing is being demonstrated.
Its on BBC1 at 5.00 and Laurance Halsted and Richard Kruse will be demonstrating.

Look out for the other hansome chap.:party:

-25th April 2003, 19:17
Cool! I must watch that!!!:cool:

*sets phone alarm for Wednesday 4:55*

Thanks for mentioning it!

-28th April 2003, 23:16
cheers for letting us know. I'll definately tune in.

The Driver
-30th April 2003, 16:15
Just about the most "in depth" presentation one could have seen in the time span available!
The Driver:kit:

-30th April 2003, 18:46
if anybody who tapped it has a copy their willing to send out to Kuwait let me know, Blue Peter don't get shown over here:(

-1st May 2003, 07:49
I might get a digital copy if the bbc are nice and then I can put it on the www.leonpaul.com website under downloads / movies

-1st May 2003, 08:08
Kenny, you should ask the Beeb whether they're okay with you doing that first, because of copyright issues - they're notoriously bolshy about these things. You don't want to get sued!

-1st May 2003, 10:19
I asked them and they said they would get back to me.
So it would be their digital copy.

-2nd January 2004, 18:56
I take you havn't heard any more from the beeb then about it.

-2nd January 2004, 19:01
i would really like to have seen that! would have made a good watch!

-4th January 2004, 17:28
I have a new toy which lets me take vhs video and put it on to computer so I will put a copy of it on the website next week.:grin:

-4th January 2004, 17:37
Kewl, ill look forward to seeing it!

christmas pressie toy by any chance?

-4th January 2004, 21:52
That would be awesome!! At least in the UK, you guys get to watch fencing once in a while, over here in the U.S., .................................... NADA!!!!:mad:

-6th January 2004, 08:45
that'd be great kingk. i only got to see part of it b4 as then my flatmates interupted and decided they wanted to watch a film instead.

-6th January 2004, 15:11
Yeah thank you KK it should be great to see i missed the first showing.

-25th January 2004, 21:00
Originally posted by devalleassoc
That would be awesome!! At least in the UK, you guys get to watch fencing once in a while, over here in the U.S., .................................... NADA!!!!:mad:

I've never seen fencing on terrestrial UK TV before (that's TV from an aerial, as opposed to a satellite dish or cable). I hear it's occasionally (very occasionally) on Eurosport, but I don't get it.:mad:

Fencing on TV - :fencingsm

Hey, I've just found the smilies!


-26th January 2004, 01:44
Having fun with the smilies, I see!!! Thanks for the reply. It's hopless!! (Trying to catch any fencing on T.V., that is!) I guess I just have to keep buying those DVD's!! :(