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-3rd November 2003, 15:03
Does any one know anything about Salle Kiss?

It's listed on the clubs list here and at the british fencing website, but there are no contact details given, just the name of the school where it is supposed to take place (Heywood Community School). However, I've rang the school a couple of times, and spoken to different people, and they seem to know nothing about it...?

Boo Boo
-3rd November 2003, 15:27
Try contacting Robert Kiss (the coach) on nati@sallekiss.freeserve.co.uk (publically available email address).

Go along and have a go there :)


-3rd November 2003, 16:18
Second Boo's opinion.

Try and get to meet Csaba Kun ;)

I went on Robert's course in Budapest so got to know them quite well in a short space. Chewy's a joker

-3rd November 2003, 17:49
certainly worth the travel if you are a foilist - not sure if branched out into epee/sabre tho'.....will have to check, unless anyone can tell me...............

-6th November 2003, 20:21
Well, I've emailed, and got no reply as yet. I recon Salle Kiss is no more. Or maybe they just don't want new people...

-6th November 2003, 20:24
I doubt v much that it is no more, but will ask our coach tomorrow and see what I can find out for you;)

-7th November 2003, 08:06
Salle Kiss definitely still exists. Robert & Csaba have several pupils very well ranked at foil - Corin Beck (11), Nick Dootson (30ish), Steve Glaister.

You might also want to enquire about Manchester Fencing Club - google for it, they have a website. Robert & co coach there too, and there are several more excellent foilists fencing there.

3 Card Trick
-7th November 2003, 09:04
Robert & Csaba defiinitely coach at Broad Oak School Bury on a Tuesday night. 7.15 start.

You can get a directions map from the North West website under clubs (the list of clubs is out of date but the directions to the school are not.)

Starts 7.15

-7th November 2003, 19:34
yup,got a definite "yes" tonight to the question is Salle Kiss still operational. The Rosowsky boys all fence there, too, all 3 from the same Y'shire family........pain and pauperdom....

-8th November 2003, 12:12
Well, it's good news that it's operational. Just a shame that there are no contact details, Robert hasn't responded to my email and the place where it's supposed to be denies all knowledge!

Can't make Broadoak on Tuedays, as I'm at Trafford Swords that night.

-8th November 2003, 12:16

Now the details have changed!

The North West fencing clubs page now has a contact number, and the location has changed from Heywood to Bury, as mentioned above.

However, it still says Monday, but 3 Card Trick recons its Tuesday...At least I now have number I can ring!

Thanks for the help, peeps.

-8th November 2003, 12:32
you are very welcome - let us know the outcome !!

-9th November 2003, 15:22
Rory wrote:
Salle Kiss definitely still exists. Robert & Csaba have several pupils very well ranked at foil - Corin Beck (11), Nick Dootson (30ish), Steve Glaister.

Correction. The only people who represent salle kiss and therfore Robert and Csaba is Paul Rigby and the 3 Rosowsky brothers. Corin, Nick and Steve all represent Manchaster Fencing Club run by Steve Galister, though I heard from Paul they all get coached by Robert and Csaba on tuesdays.


-10th November 2003, 15:31

Phoned the contact number, spoke to a very helpful person, and I will be there tonight!

-10th November 2003, 16:54
It's Salle Kiss Monday, North West Squad Club (which has nothing to do with the NW region of BFA) on Tuesday. Same place, same personel. The Heywood area of Bury.

-10th November 2003, 20:34

After a bit of a false start I made it.

Unfortunately, the postcode on the web site is still the postcode for the old location, even though the rest of the address has been updated. But, I just got directions from multimap.com...to the postcode. So I ended up back at Heywood Community School. Which is where I was last week.

Anyway, I came home, got the AtoZ and looked up by street name, so, a bit late, I got there.

And boy, was it worth it!

I got nearly an hour one-on0one with (I think) Csaba, referred to above. He calledhimself Csabi, so I presume its the same preson.

Hmmm. My attitude to JohnL's comment6s an another thread may be changing. I must say, one hour with this guy, and I can feel I've progressed more than with a total of six hours elsewhere.

I also got to see him do a bit of nimble footwork. Now I get the point there, too.


I willbe going back.