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-24th March 2008, 09:41
In case anyone has missed it, Singapore has been announced as the host for the Youth Olympics 2010 on 21 February 2008:

see http://www.singapore2010.sg/day/index.htm

To take place in August 2010, "The Sports Programme for the Youth Olympic Games comprises all sports on the programme of the 2012 Summer Games though with less Disciplines and Events"

Fencing is on the list although it is not clear if there will be all 6 weapons and if there may also be any team events: Does anyone know? How can we find out?

The Age limits are generally stated for these games as being 14 - 18: does this apply to fencing, and if so does anyone know if British Fencing has started to think about selection criteria? will they be based on the best of the Junior Rankings falling within that ahge limit? In which case, what effect might this have on the determination of Cadet Ranking competitions?

Sounds like one for the likes of Baldric and FA to sort out...it is certainly not too soon to be concerned about it as presumably the 2008/09 cadet and Junior season will be the starting point for aspiring fencers to get their initail rankings sorted out.

No doubt this is one for Neil Brown to pick up within the CPP.

Of course if we had rolling Cadet and Junior rankings in place it would make life so much simpler anmd clearer.