View Full Version : Rules and armoury added

-4th November 2003, 12:16
Ok now you have the rules these are very accurate but not offical so it will not prove anything. :grin: No betting your morgage on rights of way after reading the rules please gav.


-4th November 2003, 12:42
I'll try not to....

Still. It IS hard being right all the time ... ;)

-4th November 2003, 12:48
Thanks, Kingkenny. Very useful. (And thanks for the "Students" section as well - I didn't say it at the time)

I know you have already put a disclaimer, but are these rules identical to the rule book that LP sells?

As an aside, I once put part of the rules in French through an automatic translator and found that "with the foil and the sword," it is an offence "to pose". :grin:

Barry Paul
-4th November 2003, 14:48
If you add the loose leaf amendments to the present BFA FIE rules I think you will find they are 99% the same as this one printed. Unfortunately the devil is in the detail and it's is the odd word which differs from the various versions, hence our disclaimer. Leon Paul/BFA has run out of the official version although will have them back in stock in two weeks. As for the new revised version with all the ammendments and the new regulations passed at the forthcoming congress, this will not be available untill spring 2004. Barry Paul M.D. Leon Paul.