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-30th March 2008, 15:51
Congratulations to Stockport (Willis, Taylor, Thornton, Cadman) on their 3rd place. Full details here:

-30th March 2008, 16:14
Well done guys!

I gues their L8 match was very.... tactical, they won 13-12!!

Boo Boo
-30th March 2008, 16:40
Stunning result - well done :)



-30th March 2008, 17:18
Forgive me Boo, but "stunning" can hardly describe it - the team beat what is arguably the best of German epee for third place....Tauber, no less....i.e., a goodly proportion of what is the German national team. Well done JW and crew.:not_worth :not_worth :not_worth Stockport rules.....:D

Boo Boo
-30th March 2008, 17:39
Sorry PM1 (of course I will forgive you ;) ), the result is truly "beyond stunning"! :grin:

When is someone going to post some photos of our heroes??? :)


-30th March 2008, 21:46
So are Tom and James Taylor fencing often up at Stockport???

-30th March 2008, 22:31
sadly i domt think there are any photos as we were the only brits there and fencing at the time.

Foilling Around
-30th March 2008, 22:33
So are Tom and James Taylor fencing often up at Stockport???


-31st March 2008, 16:14
Congratulations to Jon Willis, James Taylor and Jimmy Thornton on this splendid team result.

Tom C was texting me results as I was in Geneva.

Excellent news,


-1st April 2008, 17:40
It does beg the question why we have not been using this team for our World Cup events.

Well done to Jonny and his Stockport team :)

-2nd April 2008, 13:58
It does beg the question why we have not been using this team for our World Cup events)

This is a great result and the team has to be very proud of their achievement.

We have to remember that this was not a World Cup event so the opposing teams were not full National Teams. In many cases the teams would be much weaker than they would be for events counting for World ranking points/Olympic qualification. Generally the teams have historically been from a single club as I understand this was meant to be the European Club Team championship.

I am surprised the team was not entered for Haverstock, current National Team Champions, as this is what happens most years.

Anyway a really creditable result for the boys and it would be great if it can be repeated at future WC team events to back this result up.

Jon Willis
-2nd April 2008, 16:07
I'm sure Chris doesn't want to play down the achievements of the team every man in the team had a job to do and did it perfectly. I'm very proud of what we all did together.

In keeping with his post this was not the 'full' Great Britain because this team have ever competed together for GB before.

We had to compete under Stockport because when I submitted the team under the name "The Fencing Club" The organisers looked at the winners board and noted my club was down as Stockport and said we have to have a place name in our team name and because I was in the team we 'must' all
fence as Stockport! I wasn't going to argue because as we all know it's the taking part that counts. Sorry to Haverstock, I hope you don't mind we took your spot!

As for the strength of the teams we beat, they looked pretty much like national teams to me, though I can't be sure because I'm not always selected as part of the Full GB team for GP team events.

-2nd April 2008, 17:46
Again a really top quality result for the team. No question about it.

It is just a shame that the World Ranking for the GBR Epee team does not get any points for the result as that would make future seedings/draws easier at the Grand Prix events.

-3rd April 2008, 20:38
Well done guys - great result! I particularly enjoyed the 13-12 against Minsk, nice minimalistic fencing, I can relate. ;-)

No worries on taking our spot, better for it to be used than to go to waste. You could put Haverstockport next time tho. Would actually hold true if you'd ever make the move to London.

-3rd April 2008, 20:46
Congratulations and well done Lads. I like your work ;-)