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-25th April 2003, 15:57
How do you know whose beat it is at foil. I am totally confused when I fence. At sabre, the rule is if it is in the bottom third of the blade then the beat is too low and you in effect parry yourself. My recent experience has been, if I think I successfully took at beat, it is not my beat and if I didn't knowingly attempt a beat, it gets given to me!

Can someone enlighten a v. confused sabreur please!

-25th April 2003, 17:33
Whoever starts to search for the blade first gets credited with the beat. This is true even in the example:

Fencer X starts a beat. Fencer Y seeing this immediately brings his blade to meet the beat, possibly even with a stronger action. Off of this single meeting of the blades (ie not a beat, beat back action) both fencers hit. Fencer X gets a beat attack, fencer Y gets a counter attack.

That said, the REAL answer is:
Whatever the referee sees as a beat.

-B :)

-26th April 2003, 17:19

I guess I will remain fairly confused by various referees, even tho' I understand in theory now.

Still don't know why when I was not thinking about doing a beat, i.e. standing there/retreating wondering what the strange metal object in my hand is, I sometimes find myself awarded the beat attack!

I suppose my hand must have wandered in semi- convincing way, must learn how to do that deliberately

-29th April 2003, 17:09
To be honest, the kind of situation ouiyt describes is very hard to call, simply because the ref is viewing from the side of the piste, so lateral motion is harder to see. If both fencers are making a beating action, even if one goes first, it's very difficult to seperate the timing. Unfortunately for the fencer on the left of the prez (in my opinion, anyway), it's easier to see a beating action from the right, simply because there is a more open view of the fencers body.

-9th May 2003, 20:41
that has oftened happened to me. parrys and beats are oftened confused by the referee. i know i have been fencing in those situations and refereeing aswell.

the way i see a beat is if the action looks offensive and there is clear intent and it is done in one forward continous motion then that is a beat.