View Full Version : Is the name right?

-5th November 2003, 21:41
I've just been thinking shouldn't this board be called 'Armoury & Equipment' NOT 'Armory & Equipment'. Im proberbly totally wrong mind.

-6th November 2003, 09:24
Actually yes you are right it is a spelling mistake. You should PM KingKenny if you would like this changed.

I don't know ... people really have too much time on their hands. ;)

Barry Paul
-6th November 2003, 19:48
Ok for all you non dyslexic folk first three to e-mail me (barry@leonpaul.com) with the spelling mistake which has been on our home page for months get a free t-shirt. Barry Paul.

-6th November 2003, 20:26
Only one ???????

-6th November 2003, 20:43
Lol, well I'm still waiting for mine after you're birthday message :tongue: The post man delivered all my kit, but sadly no tshirt :(

-6th November 2003, 20:52
Hey Barry can i have one for spotting this mistake please.

-6th November 2003, 20:59
Did you PM him?

-6th November 2003, 21:40
Well I've e-mailed him because this PM inbox is full.

Barry Paul
-7th November 2003, 07:30
Also I said mistake on the front home page. If you look through the rest of the site we will be here for ever. Barry

P.S. Moose see me at Wales ref missing T-Shirt.

-7th November 2003, 10:41
Hey Barry,
I don't know how to do all this fancy stuff with quotes,but surely
"so you think your clever" should read "so you think you're clever" ??;)

Barry Paul
-7th November 2003, 12:46
Any way you know I cannot spell Barry

-7th November 2003, 13:40
Barry,I am so sorry I did not mean to offend. Please accept my sincere amd most humble and groveling apologies.

P.S. can I have T shirt now?:)

-7th November 2003, 14:53
Just stick up for Barry here and the word 'your' has come into the English language as a full word version of the contraction 'your' meaning 'you are'. So in short 'your' is fine!!!

-7th November 2003, 14:57
Uk_45: you are confusing 'your' with 'you're'. I can't remember the proper grammatical terms but they are very different [youris possesive?]. The latter is the contraction not the former!

-7th November 2003, 15:03
Yeah but I 90% sure that your has become acceptable as a posseive although it isn't grammatically correct. My brains overheating now!!!!!!! <runs and gets a Fire Extinguisher>

Barry Paul
-7th November 2003, 15:12
No one has yet e mailed me (barry@leonpaul.com) the mistake on our home page:


Mistakes on other pages don't count because there are millions of them!

Offer still stands first 3 to e mail me get a free t shirt.

Dave Hillier
-7th November 2003, 15:20
I spoted it... I spotted it.

an email should be on its way Barry.

-7th November 2003, 15:30
Hey Barry at date and time of last post i had e-mailed you with what i beleive to be the mistake from the homepage

-7th November 2003, 15:33
Originally posted by uk_45
Yeah but I 90% sure that your has become acceptable as a posseive although it isn't grammatically correct. My brains overheating now!!!!!!! <runs and gets a Fire Extinguisher>

"Your" is the correct spelling of the possessive "belonging to you" as in "your place or mine".
"You're" is a contraction of "you are", the apostrophe denoting a missing letter or letters. Hence "You're going to your house".

-7th November 2003, 15:33
Have emailed and PM'd

I noticed it the other day, but thought nothing of it...

-8th November 2003, 00:48
i think i've missed out now ;)

-8th November 2003, 12:24
...Barry is in Cardiff now, so you MIGHT just creep in.....not that emails are dated and timed, of course.......

wrinkly sabreur
-8th November 2003, 13:55
As a new user I had noticed that the whole system seems to be dominated by American spellings.

As a linguist I know that a living language is one which evolves. Unless we want it to end up dead like Latin we should not complain about the changes. On the other hand I hate americanisms.... You betcha!!

-9th November 2003, 22:59
...tip from Barry today - go right to the VERY first page.....

Barry Paul
-10th November 2003, 08:26
I think so far there is one correct answer. you have until tonight 12pm. You should be looking at the front page of leonpaul.com. Barry

-10th November 2003, 09:23

i can't see it at all :(

Dave Hillier
-10th November 2003, 10:00
Just checking.

You do mean the error on this page


and not the spash page



-10th November 2003, 10:40
I found it ,I found it!!
check your email Barry:spin:

-10th November 2003, 11:17
Barry means the home page.


Urban Spaceman
-10th November 2003, 12:50
I found it too.. hooray.


Barry Paul
-10th November 2003, 14:28
Or you cannot win.

Barry Paul
-11th November 2003, 07:35
The mistake on our home page leonpaul.com was 'Britsh'

First three unless I have made a misstake (in which case let me know)
John Warwicker 07/ 11 16.10
David Hillier O7/11 16.18
vikki Alber 10/11 11.23
Can the winners e-mail me with size and colour and delivery address or what competition it can be collected.
Fourth but no t-Shirt Urban Space man 10/11 15.33

Have a nice day. Barry

-16th November 2003, 18:17
Ahhhh.... my mind scanned right over it until I knew what it was.

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Fcuknig amzanig huh?

Red Robot
-16th November 2003, 20:16
Muahahaha, here in America it'd be called 'Armory and Equipment.'

-17th November 2003, 11:10
shame we're in England tho were we speak real english

-18th November 2003, 01:54
One would assume that we would speak correct English too.

-18th November 2003, 08:36
Ohhhhhhh fine yeah we speak but i don't type it!