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-6th November 2003, 11:08
can anyone clarify - (if thats possible) the current clothing requirements in force for fencing both electric and steam? I have looked at bfa web site but it is recommendations for 2006. The club would like to be compatible with current regulations.

Dave Hillier
-6th November 2003, 11:18
they can be found here


-8th November 2003, 07:24
Looked at the gidelines. I heard recently the recommendation for breecehes etc was if no breeches then denim trousers should be worn not track suit bottoms. Para 2 (iv) still states track suit bottoms ok. This is where the ambiguity has occured.
As we are led to belive it the aspect for size3 baldes or under is
350n jacket, 350n Plastron, 350n Breeches (or denim trousers pockets taped up), long socks and 350n cuff glove. The mask 350n Bib. females must use chest protectors. These are all minimum requirements. Would that sound about right? Maybe one for Barry to reply on. This is for club use and comp use

-8th November 2003, 08:57
Denim trousers?? T o fence in??:eek:

-8th November 2003, 12:40
not yer fashion thingys, but denim is v strong material - better than tracky fleece or thin cotton/polywotsit, so more "protective" than trackys. Better buy breeches........

-8th November 2003, 13:30
It's the kids parents who also said -'What jeans!' as they are stronger than normal tracksuit bottoms. Though they are difficult to fence in. - so i'm told!