View Full Version : Just what fencing needs?

-7th November 2003, 10:58
I sometimes think there isn't enough out there for people like us - the fans and enthusiasts who keep sport going! Well, I have seen a website which looks pretty good.
It's gonna have news, results, shopping, discussion forums...basically everything to do with sport and it looks like they will focus on a range of sports - not just the major ones who grab all the headlines anyway, but also the likes of fencing, judo etc - so-called fringe sports that don't really get the attention they deserve. The address is www.sportone.com
Have a look!

-7th November 2003, 11:21
Might be interesting once they put some stuff on the website. Will have to remember to check in every once in a while to have a look

-8th November 2003, 00:38
i'll have to check back on it in the future :)