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-25th April 2003, 17:37
Do you think, the experienced of you, that the last championships in Lisbon represented truly the fencing top, or were they an uncharacteristic sample omitting the truly good fencers for various reasons?
The two individual finals in foil, I didn't know exactly quite what to make of them...

Did anyone ever get to face off Wessels?

I only got to watch him fight at the finals against Vanni and at the team's finals at Lisbon.
Two very different performances, and I don't know exactly how to measure him
I guess what I'm asking is, is he here to stay Goloubitski impact style? Is Vanni?

Reposte :party:

-26th April 2003, 01:39
Wessels will be around for a while. He's athletic,, young, taleted and piste-smart. He won't be another Goloubitski because he is recognisable as something familiar - German, strong, tall, fast, efficient. Goloubitski is remarkable because he introduced a new style - mobile, hits from anywhere, patient, timing-based fencing, stop-hits, counter-attack, derobements in an age that looked like being dominated by big strong germans. When I was a kid (i.e. when Adam was a boy) the next big thing in MF looked like being Thorsten Weidner (GER). He was v. big, strong, athletic, mobile and v. efficient. He won almost every junior A grade that he fenced in during his final junior year. Unfortunately in senior fencing it was discovered that he was, in fact, as thick as pigsh*t, Various fencers who appered to be technically inferior to him kicked his a$$. To be fair he did win a World Championships bronze in 1991 (I think, maybe wrong) but he was merely a talented junior that faded away in senior fencing. Time will tell whether Wessels is a breakthrough moment in German foil fencing.

As a part-time British coach I'd be happy with a Wessels in my coaching lifetime.:party:

P.S. Vanni - no. Another good Italian foilist that won't ever be remembered as a great. Possibly Cassara (silver at World juniors this year and winner of senior World Cup event) the next big thing to hit senior Worlds.

-26th April 2003, 15:34
Ya, but would you enlighten me regarding the women?
I was kind of pissed when the cat - like Youcheva lost to Bojko.
What do you make of these finals? Are they world top material or was there
a temporary eclipse to the Vezzali Trillini era?

You must understand that I'm new to the whole thing...


-26th April 2003, 21:08
I wouldn't say that the Vezzali/Trillini era is over but maybe the market's a bit more open. Russia certainly had a good World Championships overall and seems to be recovering its Soviet era position. Their juniors are excellent and the Russian fencing system seems to be a lot more stable after the state of flux that it endured when it lost a lot of coaches post-Communism. I think the Olympics will be the test of whether Vezzali and Trillini are remembered as dominant forces in WF. As long it doesn't produce another final as dull as Lisbon, I'll be happy.:)

-22nd May 2003, 13:58
Well, I've watched it again yesterday and all I can say is that I think the commentator (one Games Chambers) has a little crush on Youcheva...