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Peter Baron
-7th November 2003, 19:50
I've never been a great believer in chat lines - I've better things to do with life - not least fence. I find it very difficult finding my way round the system to post a message - but then I'm not a junior members (I wish!) as the system seems to think.

Why does everyone seem to think it necessary to hide behind an alias. Is it supposed to be cool? Do all these little smiley faces have individual significance.

Finally, any interested in discussing the requirement to wear underplastrons?

-7th November 2003, 20:01
I think you'll find several threads covering most of the comments you make, including alias's and underplastrons....

Alias all in the name of fun, really _ BarryPaulMD sez my posts sound "young", and if you knew who I was, you might think differently.

ANyway, congrats for having found your way here - sit back, let your fingers do the walking, enjoy, and don't expect too much sanity........:grin:

-7th November 2003, 21:20
Welcome And i would like state dont expect ANY sanity (well may be a little bit from Barry Paul)

Boo Boo
-7th November 2003, 21:35
Most people on chat forums use aliases - in general it is not a good idea to give information out about yourself over the internet... (there are plenty of wierd people out there).

I used my alias because it is what I have used in other places in the internet (so its easy for me to remember...). People who know me in person, know who I am on here :)


-7th November 2003, 21:39
Yeah i am known on the Internet as uk_45 can't even rember why now.:transport