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-10th November 2003, 11:45
I was wondering, how many of you know and practice calibration of your foil?
I've noticed that the calibrated foils are considerably easier to use then the non calibrated;
Mine was until recently not calibrated and it felt as if it were half a blade longer then it was.
Is there an accurate way to do it? Some sort of safe full proof technique?

Knowledgeable postings will be appreciated.

Boo Boo
-10th November 2003, 12:10
Do you mean "setting" foils (i.e. putting sets - angles - on your blades)?


-10th November 2003, 17:42
I mean handling the angle of the screw part of the blade on which the grip is screwed in relation to the blade

-10th November 2003, 20:05
I have lots of set on my blade, about 10 degrees left (I'm right handed) and 8 degrees down, which is more than it sounds if you see the blade.

It's a personal preference. Thing to do is: put a load of set on (be radical) and see if you like it. Usually when I set my blades I accidently do it too much, consequently I end up with a bigger set every time. This is not a problem for me, as I begin to like the new bigger set after a while of using it.

Set the blade in a vice (safest way). Leave about 1cm of the tang end outside the vice jaws, this is required for leverage (it is possible to break the blade if you don't leave enough space) then lean back slowly on the blade. If it's a maraging blade give it some wellie, if it's not a maraging blade then it should be fairly easy.

One trick that I recently saw at the Leicester: pick a point on the wall just below shoulder height, close yor eyes and hit it. Then set the blade one bit at a time until you can hit it most easily.

p.s. if you use the flick hit then go for a load of set, particularly downwards. This will help you.

-10th November 2003, 21:13
Yes, thank you sparkymark567 and Boo, I am speaking of setting foils.
Some of you have trained at one time or are training at professional, time honoured clubs, in and
outside of Britain. Are there any special techniques you've seen in use there, much like the one witnessed in Leicester
by sparkymark567?