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-30th May 2008, 22:32
Incredibly tough competition, all of our guys got through the first round.

Bennett got a horrid draw with ex junior world champion Ruben Limardo. He put in a really good fight but has missed the 64. Jimmy Thornton had equally horrid draw and lost to Motyka POL.

Jonny through to the L64, and James Taylor beat world senior finalist Vidiera POR to get into L64 which was an awesome result.

Good luck tomorrow guys

-31st May 2008, 14:29
Jonny is now into the L32 - GO JONNY!!!!! And good luck to the boys for the team tomorrow.

-1st June 2008, 13:14
Jonny finished at 32.

The boys have beaten the Czech republic in the L32 of the team event 45-39. They now have Italy in the L16.

-1st June 2008, 15:58
The boys lost to Italy (don't know the score except "lots") but then beat Spain, thanks to an amazing comeback by Jonny Willis, who took over for the last fight 5 hits down and won it 41-40. So they're now in the 9-12 matches.

-1st June 2008, 22:22
Touchwood not jinxing it, but it sounds like someone's on form :)

Go Mr Willis!

-2nd June 2008, 07:57
Looks like they lost to Ukraine 40/18 in the 9-12, then lost to Norway 45/38 in the 11th place fight to finish 12th. Looking at the ME FIE ranking, it would appear that thats their best result since Poitiers in 2003. Well done guys!