View Full Version : Fencing Club matches

-26th April 2003, 08:35
A reply to coloured jackets poll on new members made an interesting point. What about local fencing club teams. That way perhaps team colours on the Fencing uniforms could be given a go. Would also make an interesting competition across the U.K as flights are dirt cheap antwhere. It could be in a league set up and maybe one of the fencing companies could sponsor it. may help to improve refereeing as well. if there was 8 clubs per league and maybe a few divisions then eventualy all fencers may duel at thier own level.

-26th April 2003, 10:53
The BUSA league works exactly like that and works very well IMO. It'd be great for fencing, fitting it in round opens etc might be hard though.

-29th April 2003, 00:01
But couldn't that be used in a practical way - Southern opens being nominated for Southern league clubs, etc?? Doesn't mean it isn't still an "open" competition, just that someone tots the scores up a bit differently a second time. Or am I missing the plot here??? After all, I'm no fencer, only a chaufuer and cheque book to a cadet.....:grin: