View Full Version : Server problems

-11th November 2003, 16:51
Gav, Kenny or anyone in the know... Is the forum having technical difficulties or is it at my end? It seems to have been running very slowly and not loading screens frequently. Hope I'm not being totally stupid!

-11th November 2003, 21:14
don't worry jambo it isnt you, mines going so ruddy slow ive almost come to a full stop

-11th November 2003, 23:52
I gave up about 7ish.

Andy W.
-16th November 2003, 20:16
Glad its not just me, was begining to think Broadband was a waste of money! (which it probably is) But have noticed everything is slow especially MSN and search engines, maybe like us humans there are a lot of viruses about at this time of year?