View Full Version : Can anyone tell me why the BYC is being run on the same weekend as the Slough 0pen

Barry Paul
-11th November 2003, 20:09
Slough Open is one of the top open events with the epee as a ranking competition. Opens have been over the last 10 years one of the driving forces of the fencing revival. One of the reasons for the closing of the Tyneside was the dropping of the event as a qualiflying competition.

What is going on?

(Not withstanding I have to be at both competitions at the same time) Barry Paul

-11th November 2003, 21:54
for the same reason that the BusA indivduals (admittedly only a fun comp) are on the same weekend as the hereford and worcester (a junior nominated event!)

oviously no juniors are at uni and would never want to do the busa's!!!

-11th November 2003, 23:52
Not only is Slough a cadet ranker, it's the last one of the season pre Worlds and therefore v imptant. Can someone talk to someone else before the halls are booked for next year, pretty please ????

-13th November 2003, 14:25
With such a busy calender I'm surprised that this doesn't happen more often!

Does this mean that there won't be an equipment stall at the Slough, Barry?!

Boo Boo
-13th November 2003, 14:49
Doesn't Leon Paul normally do the equipment stand at Slough, while Uhlmann/Allstar do the equipment stand at the BYCs?


-13th November 2003, 15:11
This year weren' t both the Highland Open and Shropshire Open on the same day. Allstar Uhlmann UK had stands at both I think. Not sure though, as I only managed to be at one of them.

srb (finding it hard enough to fence in just one place)

-13th November 2003, 15:31
Yep there was an Allstar stand at the Highland - run by our very own Bob and Paul show. I believe that the shrops one was run by the proprietor of Uhlmann UK (whose name currently escapes me).

Boo Boo
-13th November 2003, 15:36
Graham Forster - another nice chap.

Saying that, I have yet to meet a less than charming equipment vendor - they all seem cheerful and helpful :)


-13th November 2003, 16:43
Leon Paul are doing both. Be nice to see Barry split himself in half. Or perhaps his "less handsome brother" (and I quote Barry on this) will do one of them.

Boo Boo
-13th November 2003, 17:02
Maybe Barry is busy in his workshop, cloning himself right now... :) (could have Barry at Slough, Barry at the BYCs and Barry in the Leon Paul shop all on the same day, leaving the real Barry to spend the day on the golf course... ;) )

Maybe KingKenny will put in an appearance?


-13th November 2003, 17:20
And of course we could have another barry always on the forum.

-13th November 2003, 17:34
Aha its all a cunning plan formalised by some of the older fencers to try and cut down on the number of over energetic junior and cadet fencers attending the Slough. Thereby allowing us to wake up slowly from the night before and not have to deal with some hyperactive young *** fleching from all over the place first thing in the morning ;)

As for barry well just get one of these :transport

-13th November 2003, 23:13
Now that's a plan I like.


-15th November 2003, 01:57
Surely one Barry is enough...

-15th November 2003, 02:04
BYCs seem to have lost a fair bit of prestige since the introdution of international Cadet fencing. Theynow seem aimed at fencers below those aiming for World Champs qualification especially in the U16 and U18 age groups. Hence the choice between BYCs and Slough will probably only affect a handful of fencers (equipment suppliers aside)

-15th November 2003, 13:32
Although it may affect those senior fencers who might otherwise consider refereeing at the BYCs. I am generally willing to ref an age group comp at weekends, but if it is a straight choice between fencing myself and refereeing, fencing wins everytime!

-16th November 2003, 10:12
Ditto. I normally ref at BYC (if asked nicely) - but wll probably be at Slough

-16th November 2003, 12:39
Have asked the question of someone who should know - crowded calendar, and not intentional. Never a good time to do it either, I guess. I understand that Slough was deselected (probably after the first Stoke w/e) and then reselected after discussion. I believe it will be looked at again.

I hadn't thought abut the reffing position when I raised it (doh) only the fact of trundling down from the north on Friday night to the midlands, then across to Slough after that comp and back up north after THAT comp. Tired people, sick bank balance, and which comp do you chose to get the best advantage/benefit??? Points aint everything, but the way things are currently run when aiming to achieve selection for Cadet/Junior worlds (as I currently understand it) is the kids are fencing well into Feb for a major comp in April, with limited chance to refocus and step up the training or get fitter.

Tell me I'm wrong, someone....

Rant over...........:(