View Full Version : Safety Warning ó Masks

-12th November 2003, 12:00
All fencers ó please check that your mask has a back strap that works, ie. the elastic is strong enough to fit firmly around the back of your head and any velcro fastening will stay closed whilst fencing.

At the GBR Junior Championships in Norwich a sabreurís mask fell off during a fight and the cut to head landed on the head! Luckily not on the face. The mask had a completely useless back strap and should not have been allowed.

This is a very rare occurrence; letís make it impossible.

All referees ó please check this along with the other safety aspects of fights.

Well there you go folks - make sure you have a working strap on your masks!

Secret Squirrel
-12th November 2003, 12:22
Mine did the same a couple of weeks ago, gladly, at foil.
I've actually fixed a hook & eye fitting to the back strap. Too much hair for the normal band.:rolleyes: