View Full Version : Kingkenny Gav is the forum running slower

Barry Paul
-12th November 2003, 16:51
Any one else noticed the forum running slowly? Gav can you wave your magic hands over the problem . Barry Paul

-12th November 2003, 17:02
I've not noticed but then where I am we have some connection issues and everything is slow.

KingKenny is in charge of the technical stuff...

-12th November 2003, 17:05
It seems to have speeded up again.

-13th November 2003, 08:11
It seems to be fast in the mornings and get progressively slower through the day (bit like me, really).

-13th November 2003, 08:32
I will look into it with the service provider.

-13th November 2003, 16:50
Abour tea time (but not tonight) it packs up.

-13th November 2003, 17:03
Yeah the longer i seem to be logged in the slower it gets.

-13th November 2003, 17:30
fine for me in rainy Ireland:help:

-14th November 2003, 10:24
fine for me in rainy Ireland
Have you heard the old saying that it only rained twice in Ireland last week? Once for 3 days and once for 4 days...:grin:

-7th December 2003, 03:51
Sounds to me like a problem with the server hosting the db for the forum. Almost as if its getting close to its processor quota or something...

-9th December 2003, 14:51
i thought that the net slowed up in the afternoon due to the fact that all of america wakes up and gets online, making everything slower, but who knows? dont know where i got that random bit of knowledge!

-9th December 2003, 17:28
It all depends where the server is hosted. If its a US hosting company then you can get lag when the US infrastructure is busy, however if the server is more locally based this problem should be far less.

-9th December 2003, 17:36
who knows where my server is from,. its bt, but who knows! i dont do technical computer stuff!