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-20th June 2008, 21:39
Last 32's for Jojo and LBW so far...


-21st June 2008, 05:32
JoJo made the L16, then lost 15-14 to the girl that had just beaten LBW.

-21st June 2008, 09:23
Yeah, out to Perrus who then took out Sada Jacobson. I'd have loved to have seen some of those fights.

Can anyone stop Rebecca Ward?!

Boo Boo
-21st June 2008, 09:45
JoJo made the L16, then lost 15-14 to the girl that had just beaten LBW.

Ooooh, well done JoJo! :grin:

So close to a L8 (or even better) too - sounds like some great form.


-21st June 2008, 16:07
are the guys fencing today ??

-21st June 2008, 16:08
Well done Jo! Despite all the horribleness that has been directed your way in a very public format of late you have just put your head down worked even harder and it is starting to pay dividends. A lot of people would say that shows real strength of character!

-21st June 2008, 17:25
are the guys fencing today ??

Apparently, started at 10.30. Can't attach the poule list as it's too big a file, but it's on the FIE's site - if you find the event on the calendar, it's the last pdf on the right (under P/T).

-21st June 2008, 21:20

One of our good people on the DT is being helpful. Some but not all pool results in at the moment.

-21st June 2008, 21:21
Dear Jo,

Realy well done. A top 16 and missing the top 8 by one hit is an excellent result.


-22nd June 2008, 00:57
All the guys out before the L64 except Neil who has limbach in the L64 tomorrow. Time here is about 6pm temperature about 100 degrees. Women's team lost to poland 45 - 31 in last 16 then beat spain to fight off for 9-12 lost to hungary and are now fencing Japan to determine 11th or 12th.

-22nd June 2008, 09:59
Beat Japan, finished 11th.

Hot Bot
-22nd June 2008, 20:35
Well done Jo-Jo!! And really unlucky to lose.
Also well done to the team, and good luck to neil.

-22nd June 2008, 21:41
Feck me! Neil lost to Limbach 15 - 14..... I know it is still a loss but 1 point away from taking out one of the top seeds and guy that is regulary in the medals..... I am thinking Mr Hutchinson has what they call world class potential!

-23rd June 2008, 11:06
ooh it's exciting seeing GBR that far up a final ranking list - well done JoJo

NIF nerds - will this swap her round with LBW on the GBR ranking list?

-23rd June 2008, 14:43

Hot Bot
-23rd June 2008, 19:30
Both hutchisons lose 15-14! Very unlucky for the whole family, but well done as well, to fence that well. Jojo to get a 16, and Neil to get 14 off one of the worlds top fencers.

-23rd June 2008, 19:38
Don't know if anyone else has spotted, but the boys lost to hungary in the first round, but in the playoff have so far beaten Canada 45-44. Then have China as the second match (no result yet) but beating canada is a fantastic result and means they finish at worst 12th.

-23rd June 2008, 19:47
They lost to China 45-38 in the play off for either 9/10 or 11/12. They are now fencing Venezuela for 10/11

Hot Bot
-23rd June 2008, 20:06
That's an excellent result against Canada! There seem to be quite a lot of 1 point wins in this tournament. Good luck against Venezuela!

-23rd June 2008, 22:19
Great result so far! Seems like this team is working really well together.

-24th June 2008, 07:47
Any one know how they did against Venezuela???


Foilling Around
-24th June 2008, 08:22
Any one know how they did against Venezuela???


http://www.fie.ch/Competitions/ResultsTree.aspx?param=D0AD5D0161B813AA419BDA045A5 08FBD

Looks like Romania had a stormer from 11th seed!