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-23rd June 2008, 11:49
Historial Rapier & Smallsword workshop in August

Alberto Di-Candia is Italy's premier stage and screen fight director and a recognised expert in historical itallian rapier and smallsword. He would like to come across to the UK in August to teach a workshop in these weapons and has asked me to contact the fencing community in the UK to see if there would be any interest.

Please email me at: raph@stagefight.co.uk or reply to this thread for more information.

Raph Aldis

drunken master
-30th June 2008, 21:44
Where and when is this likely to be?

-9th July 2008, 13:04
Alberto wishes to run a workshop in August. So just trying to get some feedback on the level of interest.

Would all fencers who are intersted please let me know.