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-3rd July 2008, 14:22
Fighting Fit was extremely proud to represent fencing at the high profile event to announce B.P. as a level 1 2012 partner. The press launch took place at the British Museum this morning.

Fighting Fit fencers Alex Beardmore (13) and Leah King (13) opened the event with a breath taking presentation and fencing demonstration in front of a V.I.P. audience of over 200 people including Lord Coe. The C.E.O. of B.P. was present as well as dignitaries from LOCOG and the O.D.A. Once the applause had died down Lord Coe told us how much he had enjoyed watching the fencing and said he was impressed with the skills of the young fencers.

Later in the morning 8 more fencersí demonstrated our sport to 1000s of members of the public after the museum opened.

A big thank you to Leon Paul for the loan of the piste, etc and a special thanks to all the fencers, parents and staff at Fighting Fit for all of the hard work especially getting up so early (5am!!!!)


-3rd July 2008, 14:51
It was a wonderful event. I was lucky enough to be involved as a referee and the feedback we recieved from the people there was nothing short of brilliant.

I didn't find out until this morning what the event actually was... they kept it very secret.

-3rd July 2008, 15:44
video of the announcement... watch the fencing at the beginning! top quality referee too...


-3rd July 2008, 16:33

well done guys! See you at the weekend.

Hungry Hippo
-3rd July 2008, 18:44

Great stuff, all involved were a credit to fencing.

To think I was sitting in a (very dull) seminar just half a mile away - I know where I'd much rather have been, if only it hadn't been a secret!

-7th July 2008, 11:45
photos can be found here: