View Full Version : Veterans Winton Requires Mercenaries!!!

Linda L
-9th July 2008, 07:03
OK first it was Womens Sabre, now the Southern team ( and that is South of Anywhere as from today) Requires about 10 team members! You fence it we probably need it!!
This is a great chance to get in on the act, EVEN if you only want to fence ONE day Sat or Sunday, please PM me. If you need further convincing I will be in the DT all weeknd at the Nationals Come on you 40 year olds fence in the FIRST vets Winton.....

OK if you are not old enough what about suggesting your fencing Parents- or dare I say - some of the Coaches out there???


Carole Seheult
-12th July 2008, 20:53
Anyone fitting the above criteria or have any Norfolk affiliations PLEASE contact me asap for Team Nor' Nor'East.
Many thanks