View Full Version : Alex on BBC news again

-10th July 2008, 15:05
Clip from BBC Look East is on BBC news now.

Features AOC, AC and DS talking about fencing and preparations for Beijing.


-10th July 2008, 15:53
Brilliant! DS can come across as quite sensible when he wants to!

Loving AOC on the bike...

Boo Boo
-10th July 2008, 17:27
Very good :)

Hope to see even more to come.


-10th July 2008, 21:27
That was really well presented and put together and everyone came across really well, great advertisement for fencing in the UK!

-10th July 2008, 23:52
haha i love the quote about 'you cant control if an opponent gets injured'....hmmm wonder if that applies to my famous hit just below knee cap and cripple opponent move lol!!!

though i have to admit i did feel really guilty for what i did to my opponent at the Bill Hoskyns...sorry Ben :(