View Full Version : Communication through PMs

-13th November 2003, 12:15
The PM facility on the board is wonderful, except that I just got one from my son saying "Shouldn't you be working". Anybody else had any awkward ones?

-14th November 2003, 10:33
yeah, when I first joined got one from someone chatting me up.

wouldn't mind but they never got back to me.

-10th December 2003, 14:10
I left my computer for like a second to talk to Matthew (another new member here). I turned around again and one of our friends had been on my computer, PMd Matthew and told him I had a crush on him :o But he knows it wasn't me, cud have been embarrising, especially if my friend had addressed it to the wrong person cos it started "Matthew, I've been wanting to tell you this for ages, ever since you started fencing, I think you look really hot in ur fencing gear etc etc (getting a touch cruder)

-11th December 2003, 11:27
Minx, there is an old thing - In every joke, a bit of thruth :grin: