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-14th July 2008, 09:57
Every year we ask our uni if we can give a small fencing demonstration at the Freshers Fair. Now with more clubs every year it has moved from the sports hall to an outside tent. When we were in the sports hall it was fine but now they claim that its not safe :dont: . Anyway we are going to ask again this year and need proof from other uni's doing it or other events where fencing is done outside of a sports hall enviroment. Now at the moment all I have to go on is the Cambridge Open Air Epee. (Also before people ask we would be doing in a safe enviroment with plenty of space!) Also would anyone be able to clarify excatly what insurance the BFA card provides or where to find out?
Please can you help us!! :not_worth

-14th July 2008, 10:42
Every year at Freshers Fair Glasgow Uni do an open air demonstration in the Cloisters at Glasgow Uni. As a once a year thing it shouldn't be a problem. Also, Glasgow Uni host "The Last Duel" in one of the old lecture halls in the GU Union, also not a "sports hall environment".

-14th July 2008, 11:09
At the RAF Airshow at Leuchars, they used to have a fencing comp in one of the hangars, and the Nationals were at RAF Cosford for a few years, neither of which could ever be claimed to be sports hall environments.

-14th July 2008, 13:56
the duel on the beach.
Which is on a beach.

Foilling Around
-14th July 2008, 13:58
the duel on the beach.
Which is on a beach.


-15th July 2008, 12:52
We've been doing it for years using the matting from a church aisle for a piste.

Plus the year the Miller Hallet was in a tent that was warmer than the main hall (where the air conditioning was on during a cold weekend in November) - the effect was to clear the hall and create the longest queque for tea and bacon butties.

-15th July 2008, 14:25
Look at General Interest events

DkIT Fencing club did a demonstration right in the middle of the biggest shopping centre in the county on a saturday!

we also do a demo in the sports centre of DkIT during fresher's fair.

At the shopping centre we had some of those queue control barriers that banks use

for the fresher's fair I think we just use two benches along the side of the piste to stop people walking across

Irish fencing give affiliated clubs public liability insurance, so maybe you have the same?

-18th July 2008, 10:28
Carrickfergus Castle is run in, um, a castle:)

-22nd July 2008, 14:50
I was in a demonstration in a cafe in Falkirk once.

-22nd July 2008, 16:46
You sure that wasn't just one of the frequent riots they have there? ;)

-29th July 2008, 13:19
The BFA insurance policy appears to cover demonstrations and taster sessions with no restriction to location, as long as there is a due care etc. There is a summary of the policy here:


-29th July 2008, 14:42
as long as there is a due care etc
The wording is actually

demonstration are covered provided they are supervised by the Club on a ‘duty of care’ basis
"duty of care" http://www.legal-explanations.com/definitions/duty-of-care.htm

-29th July 2008, 20:29
Thank you everyone for all your help, no confirmation yet but this will give us a lot more leverage!

-4th August 2008, 12:42

We fence outside during out freshers things. Though our AU are a bit on the meat-headed side of the line, and tend not to have a clue about what we actually do.

Campus security on the otherhand.... they like to move us on when they don't know we're supposed to be there.

Basically, just mark out a piste, and then mark out 6ft all around that. If you have a little sign (or rope fence) saying to keep behind the line, you should be fine.


-5th August 2008, 09:51
BFA sent a demo team to the V&A museum to do outside fencing a month or so ago. Apart from the concrete making my ankles very sore (although that may have been from a total lack of fencing for 2 years as well) it was fine. I have also done outside fencing at the Chelsea festival, organised by Ian Williams, and Keith Bowers and I an even LONGER time ago did some at university for freshers fair too.

-6th August 2008, 12:03
I've recently just run two outside demo/taster's. One for an Open Day type thing that our local Leisure Centre (normal club training venue) ran, where we were outside in a roped off area and the other at the "Get Back Into" roadshow as part of the Suffolk Youth Games, where we were on an outside Netball court.

We have 3 pieces of rubber matting that can be taped together to form a Piste, which gives you a lot mroe grip thanon grass and provides more cushioning than a netball court.

If you PM me an e-mail address, I can send you copies of the Risk Assessments if you'd like.

-20th August 2008, 22:32
To add further fuel to the fire, Sussex Uni have had outdoor demos at the Freshers' Fair for several years now. It's strictly experienced fencers only, as the grass and uneven ground can be a bit treacherous (and the risk assessment is a real pain), but it's quite doable.

-21st August 2008, 10:05
Up until last year, when our AU decided to keep everyone indoors for the Fresher Fairs, we (Liverpool) used to run demos outside the sports centre. We did sabre and epee, and were fairly popular, because they are just so much more eye catching than any stand you do about fencing.

Outdoor demonstrations are a crowd pleaser, though your AU might be a bit iffy about it due to H+S regulations.

-21st August 2008, 15:07
We did a session Streatham Common about a month ago.