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-14th November 2003, 10:35
I was at my club last night explaining to a newbie that sabre wasn't violent or aggressive, and that it employed as much, if not more, finesse than the other 2 weapons. I explained that any contact will register a hit and that sabreurs are really normal, gentle, every day people. At that moment one of our young lady sabreurs approached us to say 'I have to go to casualty - I've just dislocated my thumb fencing sabre'. Newbie is still doing foil.

-14th November 2003, 10:41
haha. i take it was a clash of guards?? rather than a hit.

hope it wasn't katie, cos a dislocated thumb can be very nasty. put her out for ages.

Boo Boo
-14th November 2003, 11:09
Neil Brown has a nice story about a beginner sabreur getting injured a few weeks ago: the tip of the sabre somehow went through the beginner's fencing glove, into the palm of his hand and removed a nice chunk of flesh (some of which was still stuck in the tip of his opponent's sabre...). Nice trip to casualty to get that sorted out....


-14th November 2003, 14:23
Actually it was her none-sword hand! Smacked across the thumb cos she got her hand in the way. You'll meet her on Saturday night Whizzkid;)

-17th November 2003, 16:32
I recall a team match, many years ago in the day of steam, when one sabreur cracked a bone in his thumb and another applied a wet paper towel to teh back of his jacket to re-wet the blood that was making his jacket stick. Ah, the good old days !